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Our record speaks for itself...


We have claimed back over £237m in tax credits for our valued clients


We maintain unrivalled success rates with an average claim value of £50k


We have successfully submitted over 4,786 claims on behalf of our clients

Our R&D Tax Credit Success Stories

Our R&D consulting experts have helped to claim back nearly £250million in tax credits for our valued clients. Here are some of the organisations to which we’ve provided R&D support, resulting in successful submissions:

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Experienced R&D Tax Credit Specialists

As one of the UK’s leading R&D tax advice providers, our aim is to make the claims process as simple as possible.

Based in Derby, since randd was formed in 2008, our R&D tax consultants have helped thousands of UK businesses to successfully claim back millions of pounds using the R&D tax incentive schemes, including the SME scheme and RDEC scheme. We maintain an exceptional success rate with an average claim sum of around £50,000.

Our passion for what we do translates into our clients’ success and we have developed a strong reputation within the research and development tax credits field, thanks to our R&D advisers’ specialist knowledge in this niche area of tax.

What truly differentiates us is our team of expert R&D tax specialists, who have an unrivalled breadth and depth of senior level experience covering a wide range of industry sectors. In 2020, we joined the K3 Capital Group, sitting alongside a selection of other companies which provide a comprehensive range of business services.

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