During these troubling times it be worth having another look at R&D?

As many companies are scrambling to access the new Government emergency measures like the 80% Furlough scheme, there might be an easier way to input money into your business.

You might qualify for R&D cash awards for development work you’ve already done!

If the corona virus means you are not currently working or business has been put on hold, now is the perfect time to utilise your free time and contact us to see if you’re eligible for this fantastic government scheme.

By just spending half an hour on a call with one of our Technical experts, we can find out what qualifying R&D projects you’ve already done which could result in a cash windfall for your business.

Right now might be the best ever time to have another look at R&D. It’s a brilliant no-strings-attached incentive from the government which can improve your cash flow during these trying times.

Call the office today on 01332 477070 for a free, no obligation eligibility consultation.


Following recent developments concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, we are following the UK government’s advice and our employees are now working from home. As a result, we are still conducting business as usual.

If you need to contact the office, please dial the office number 01332 477070 and you will be diverted to a staff mobile.

We appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times.

Thank you,

The randd uk team.

R&D Tax Credits Experts

randd uk’s team of experts offer an unrivalled service through a hands-on approach, specialist tax & technical knowledge and a strong relationship with HMRC. This award-winning formula is used on a daily basis to identify R&D Tax Credits eligibility for UK businesses across a broad range of industry sectors. The time could be right for your Reality Cheque today.

Whether you are one of the bigger players in the research and development field, or a smaller startup looking to grow through innovation, our team of seasoned professionals will be able to assist you in your process of claiming R&D tax credits.

Is it time for your ‘Reality Cheque’?

Our clients were thrilled to improve their cash flow, financially sustain projects, invest in staff, stay ahead of competition and much more. What would you do with a cash injection?

R&D Tax Credits

Research and Development tax credits are a form of award given from the government to businesses that pave the way in scientific or technical advancements; it’s the country’s way of giving back to those striving to make a difference. Depending on the size of your company, there are a number of different qualifying processes and ways of claiming your reward. That’s where randd uk come in.

Our team will take control of your application and go above and beyond to guarantee you receive every penny you are entitled to. Working backwards of up to two years, our claim process has an incredibly high success rate, 100% since we started in 2008. But don’t just take our word for it, we have a number of happy customers who we have helped with their R&D tax credits applications, and you can see what they’ve had to say about us on our Testimonials page.

Rewarding Innovation

randd uk are experienced R&D Tax Credit Specialists, submitting successful claims on a daily basis for businesses across the UK in a wide range of sectors. The time could be right for your Reality Cheque today.