Thousands of eligible businesses are missing out on R&D tax relief... Are you one of them?

What are R&D Tax Credits?

R&D Tax Credits are a company tax relief for research and development. They can either reduce a company’s tax bill or, for most small and medium sized companies (SMEs), provide a cash lump sum of up to 33% of R&D expenditure.

It isn’t just software engineers and people in white lab coats; you may be surprised as to what could qualify….

Our record speaks for itself...


randd have claimed back over £150m in tax credits for our valued clients


We have a 100% success rate for claims and an excellent relationship with HMRC


To date, we have successfully submitted over 3,000 claims on behalf of our clients

About us

Our passion for what we do translates into our clients’ success, and we believe that your innovation should be rewarded!

For over 12 years, randd has developed a strong reputation within the Research and Development Tax Credits space, built upon specialist knowledge and experience in this specific tax area.

What truly differentiates randd are highly experienced consultants who have an unrivalled breadth and depth of senior level experience covering a wide range of industry sectors. It is for these reasons that randd joined the K3 Capital Group plc group of companies in 2020.

Client industries

UK businesses in any industry sector can claim R&D tax credits, providing that qualifying research and development activities are being carried out.

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