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Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?

R&D Tax Credits are a very niche part of the UK tax code that could bring your company thousands of pounds in tax relief.

Who is eligible?

Companies of all sizes can claim R&D Tax Credits.

The size of your business will determine which R&D Tax Credits scheme you are eligible for and ultimately what proportion of your spend you can claim back, but every business registered in the UK is eligible.

Eligible R&D activities:

  • Overcoming technical challenges
  • Creating and testing prototypes
  • Streamlining processes
  • Trialling new or substituting materials
  • Developing bespoke software
  • Trial and error
  • Industry firsts
Three R&D Tax Credit Specialists are seen analyzing data on a computer, working together to drive innovation and financial growth for companies. The image portrays collaboration and expertise in leveraging R&D tax credits to support innovation and business success.

No matter what your circumstances are...

...we can help you to submit your claim to HMRC and receive thousands of pounds in tax relief or as a cash lump sum.

Whether profitable or operating at a loss, both SMEs and large companies can claim R&D Tax Credits either through the Small and Medium-sized R&D tax Relief Scheme or the RDEC Scheme. Your business needs to be a UK limited trading company with a set of financial accounts and qualifying R&D spend.

Two R&D experts shake hands, symbolizing collaboration and partnership in research and development endeavors. The image represents mutual agreement, expertise, and teamwork within the field of R&D.