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Partner with randd and add R&D Tax Credits to your list of expertise.

“Since meeting the team at randd, we’ve successfully introduced several clients. Their consultants work hard to understand the clients’ business and make claims that are often well in excess of the amounts we’d be able to obtain due to their ability to forge good client relationships and their very specialist knowledge of the legislation.”

Mark Lane | Partner
Lane Monnington Welton Chartered Accountants

A partnership with randd

Through a mutually beneficial partnership with randd, you can help to reward your clients’ businesses with the maximum amount of R&D tax credits that their innovation deserves.

We understand that your role as an accountant requires a lot of time and resources, and so we aim to minimise the work for yourself and your clients when dealing with and processing their R&D tax credits claim.

Our team of fully Chartered and highly experienced accountants can help to ease any worries that you may have regarding handing over certain affairs on behalf of your clients, and are always on hand to answer any questions that you or your clients may have.

Three R&D Tax Credit Specialists are seen analyzing data on a computer, working together to drive innovation and financial growth for companies. The image portrays collaboration and expertise in leveraging R&D tax credits to support innovation and business success.

Eligible Clients

We work with a range of clients throughout the whole of the UK from a wide array of industry sectors.

UK businesses in any industry sector can claim R&D tax credits, providing that qualifying research and development activities are being carried out.

There are few exceptions to the types of clients we will work with or have worked with in the past. As long as the client is a UK limited company, we would be happy to assist you with the R&D tax credits claim or handle the entire process on yours and their behalf.

Take a look at our client sectors page and our case studies to see a selection of the type of clients that we successfully work with.

Two R&D professionals stand in an office, with one holding a document, while both engage in analysis. The image portrays collaboration and expertise in research and development activities, reflecting a focused and diligent approach to their work.

AAT Partnership

Are you a Licensed AAT Accountant? Are you looking to add R&D Tax Credits to your list of expertise?

We are in commercial partnership with the AAT and we are the only R&D Tax Credits specialists that the AAT recommends. Improve your client’s cash flow and earn generous referral fees at the same time.

To begin a mutually beneficial partnership with randd, simply contact us today on 01332 477 070 or email info@randduk.com