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Software & IT

R&D Tax Credits are a very niche part of the UK tax code that could
bring your company thousands of pounds in tax relief.

Software & IT

Technology is advancing rapidly in the twenty first century and research & development is essential to stay ahead of competitors in the software development, IT and communications sectors.

Examples of eligible R&D activities:

  • Creating or developing new algorithms or software
  • Overcoming technical issues such as compatibility, stability, scalability and more
  • Reverse engineering to access and update systems
  • Bespoke projects using technologically innovative solutions
  • Responding to changes and updates in software, IT and communication systems
  • Making improvements in cyber security and data security

Case Study


An eCommerce site for luxury interiors have received a total of £129,000 in R&D tax credits, following their latest claim of £63,000 secured by randd.

The London-based company provide high quality interior furnishings, sourcing products from world leading brands and unique artisans. The online shopping site incorporates technology that tailors products for shoppers based on their previous purchases and browsing history.

A team of experienced software developers and engineers are employed in-house to enhance the online shopping experience for customers in the future.


Webscript Designs

“I really couldn’t be happier with the claim and the work you’ve done for me on it. You’ve made a complex and potentially problematic process almost quite pleasant and very worthwhile.”

Simon McArdle | Managing Director, Webscript Designs