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Animation, Games & Apps

R&D Tax Credits are a very niche part of the UK tax code that could
bring your company thousands of pounds in tax relief.

Animation, Games & Apps

The fast moving industry of animation, games and apps requires research and development which is vital for staying ahead of the competition and incorporating technological breakthroughs.

Examples of eligible R&D activities include:

  • Creating or developing a new process or animation, game or app
  • Developing new special effects, complex algorithms or software
  • Producing interactive products with multiple operating systems
  • Improving correct systems, products or processes
  • Overcoming technological uncertainties at different stages of development
  • Incorporating multiple languages into products
  • Developing products that are adaptable for different devices

Case Study


Brighton-based CGI experts, Bigman Ltd, worked with randd to submit their R&D tax credits claims to HMRC and successfully received £16,000.

Founded in 2010, Bigman create computer generated imagery, combining art with technology to create original and innovative animations and illustrations. The company’s impressive show reel highlights expertise ranging from traditional tools such as paint, pencil and marker pens, to cutting edge forms of generative programming endeavours.

The quality of Bigman’s work can be seen through their exciting client base of worldwide blue-chip companies such as Samsung, Vodafone, Marks and Spencers, BBC, ITV, Honda, Sony and the Co-Operative society, to name just a few.

Continued research and development is vital in an industry with rapidly developing technological advancements, and a challenge that many UK businesses, such as our clients, face is finding the time to understand and apply for R&D tax credits, particularly for those companies who have limited resources to spare on activities other than the primary business activities.

randd’s assistance in applying for R&D tax credits have enabled Bigman to continue with pushing boundaries and funding innovations such as virtual reality, 360 video, animation and more.



“HMRC’s form looked difficult to fill out – we’re grateful for the expertise of randd who have a past history of successful claims and a good relationship with HMRC.”

Tom Painter | Director at Bigman