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Robert Lindley

Sector: Farming & Agriculture, Food & Drink

Claim Value: £100,000

"After completing a series of claims, the company received a total claim of £100,000."

Robert Lindley Ltd, a supplier and grower of potatoes who have successfully been awarded R&D tax credits through the services of randd. After completing a series of claims, the company received a total claim of £100,000.

Based in East Yorkshire, Robert Lindley Ltd holds a strong reputation in the potato industry for quality, consistent produce that is distributed across the UK. The company offers a variety of product lines for the food service, wholesale, retail and manufactured baker markets; achieving the high quality standards required by the British Retail Council (BRC).

R&D is carried out to grow this farming business and fulfil customer demands. Both time and capital have been invested in developing harvester machinery to provide the best crop lift to maintain skin quality, avoid the risk of bruising and evade mechanical damage.

Innovation has also been focused on new packaging to protect and preserve the potatoes as well as improving product handling. Bespoke in-house software has been undertaken to develop operations.

“The money will strengthen my cash flow for this year because we decided to take it in the format that we did. Potatoes are very short this year, and we’ve bought a thousand tonnes on the back of it and put them in storage for later on. So the fact that we’re facing a shortage has actually strengthened my business and profitability.” Advised Edward Lindley, Managing Director at Robert Lindley Ltd.

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