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Author: GaryEdwards

As one of the more ‘niche’ forms of tax relief, R&D tax credits would not feature highly on many lists of potential specialist subjects for Mastermind contenders.

But Research and Development tax relief is hugely important for a wide range of different types of business, and it is essential to ensure you maximise the benefits it can provide.

Very few accountancy practices have the time or resources to dedicate a specialist team to handling their clients’ R&D claims – but the exact opposite is true at randd.

Countless hours of research are required to ensure every base is covered in building a case that will guarantee a client receives the maximum amount of R&D tax relief for which they are eligible.

At randd, we put in all that work and then go the extra mile to investigate and compile the required technical narrative, possessing experience that is unequalled in our field.

Many potential clients are surprised by what qualifies for R&D tax credits, but randd’s expertise accrued over more than 15 years means we are ideally placed to identify and include every eligible activity.

What R&D costs can you claim for?

  • Staff wages and other related costs
  • Payments made to sub-contractors and external workers
  • The cost of materials consumed
  • Software licensing costs
  • Payments to clinical volunteers
  • Light, heat and power costs

And who is eligible to claim?

  • A UK limited company that is still trading
  • Companies of all sizes in all sectors
  • Both profitable and loss-making businesses

Why switch provider to randd for R&D tax relief?

Well over 4,000 UK businesses have successfully claimed back millions of pounds through randd’s simplified and efficient procedure, with an average claim amount of around £50,000.

And, impressively, we maintain a 100% claim success rate, taking the time to understand each client’s business to optimise claim value while sharing a strong relationship with HMRC.

With an unrivalled amount of senior-level experience across a wide breadth of industry sectors, randd have a proven track record of claiming back up to NINE times more R&D tax relief than an accountant, alternative agent or a self-submission claim would.

Examples of how randd have helped a variety of businesses with R&D tax relief are:

  • A Welsh construction company was awarded £109,000 for its first claim. The company is a multi-skilled construction firm which also offers a full range of architect services, including planning applications and building-regulation drawings, ensuring compliance with building control while adhering to customer specifications.
  • A manufacturing firm based in Hampshire completed its third claim via randd and was awarded £81,000, increasing its total to £189,000. The company benefits from a link with Loughborough University which has enabled the company to develop niche specialist skills such as tribo-dynamic and contact mechanics.


  • A Worcestershire-based automotive parts developer achieved another successful claim through randd, receiving over £53,000. The company relies on its ability to develop structures from first principles, resulting in the firm being used as the R&D facility for small automotive companies or as an extension of the R&D capability for larger businesses – especially on projects where specialist knowledge on structure and lightweight materials is paramount.

What have clients been saying about randd?

“I have found the whole process very simple and easy. You guys have done a great job in managing my expectations and providing all the help and assistance we needed. You have also kept us fully up to date along the way, providing assistance when we needed it. You completed your work very professionally and made the process very simple.” Group Financial Controller, Hildon Park Ltd (Insurance)

“I would thoroughly recommend the services of randd. We received a professional, timely response to all our questions and the whole process was made very easy from the start.” Finance Manager, Brooks Crownhill Ltd (Engineering).

“We have been working with randd for quite a few years. Their input is always helpful to ensure our record-keeping is correct and to maximise our claims each and every time without hassle. Their work has enabled us to launch sister companies which are now thriving. Thanks!” Managing Director, Trifibre Ltd (Manufacturing).

“I have recommended randd to several of my business associates and each one that has taken up their services has been equally impressed.” Managing Director, Sterling Machining.

Could you be eligible for an R&D Tax Credits claim?

During these turbulent economic times, businesses across the country are looking for solutions to their cash flow problems. Many companies are looking for grants and loans and overlook the fact they could be eligible for R&D Tax Credits. By successfully claiming R&D Tax Credits, your company could receive a cash injection from HMRC in as little as four weeks.

Call our experts today on 01332 477 070 for a free, no obligation eligibility consultation. Your business could be our next success story!