Weekly Reality Cheque – 13/01/2020

Another busy week for the team at randd uk. Here are the Reality Cheque highlights from this week. The line up includes Engineering Firms, Fashion Garment Manufacturers, Pond Equipment Suppliers and more. Get in touch today to receive your own Reality Cheque!


#1 Reality Cheque: A first R&D tax credits claim for over £26K for a South Yorkshire Electronics Company

Based in Leeds, this company manufactures products from design & development, through to completion. Their products include refrigeration temperature alarm panels, control equipment and more. The team carry out system testing (4-6 weeks) onsite for clients, using trial & error to determine the optimum solution.

#Electronics #Manufacturer #SouthYorkshire #Leeds #Refrigeration


#2 Reality Cheque: A total of £98K in R&D tax credits for a Lancashire Gas Supplier with the latest claim for £27K

Supplying the food & drink industry, this company offer a range of gases to a portfolio of clients. With strict legislation, the team undertake rigorous testing to meet high safety standards and achieve cost-effective processes & products.

#GasSupplier #FoodandDrinkIndustry #Lancashire


#3 Reality Cheque: A Nottinghamshire Pond Equipment Supplier awarded over £15K for a first claim

Based in Sutton-in-Ashfield, this manufacturer develops products for gardens and ponds. Inventing industry-first products that are completely unique on the market, the company constantly develop prototypes, carry out trials and utilise problem-solving skills to improve products / processes.

#Gardening #Manufacturing #Sutton-in-Ashfield #Nottinghamshire


#4 Reality Cheque: A whopping total of £338K in R&D tax credits for Derbyshire-based Precision Engineers, with the latest claim for £61K

Based in Chesterfield, this precision engineering firm specialise in producing large, metal components for sectors such as defence, aerospace, oil & gas and more. Regularly adopting new technologies, the company push technological boundaries to surpass manufacturing limitations. Iterative development, prototyping and trial & error is regularly carried out to achieve bespoke projects.

#PrecisionEngineering #EngineeringUK #Chesterfield #Derbyshire


#5 Reality Cheque: £408K awarded to an Engineering Product Supplier with a grand total of £1.9 Million in R&D tax credits over eight years (2012-18)

With multiple branches, this company supply products to the engineering industry and is rapidly growing nationwide. The majority of research & development is customer-driven and involves prototyping to develop bespoke products which satisfy requirements.

#Engineering #ProductSupplier #Prototypes


#6 Reality Cheque: £95K for a Fashion Garment Manufacturer across seven years with the latest claim for over £7K

Based in Leicester, this manufacturer develops fashion garments using the latest textile engineering developments. Research & development is carried out to enhance product durability through trials and prototypes. Processes have also been innovated to produce cost-effective solutions and remain competitive on price as well as quality.

#Fashion #GarmentManufacturer #Leicester #Leicestershire


#7 Reality Cheque: A first claim of over £13,000 for a Mining Equipment Supplier

Based in Nottinghamshire, this manufacturer designs and develops innovative products for the mining industry. The team research & develop ideas to produce industry-firsts, achieving technological breakthroughs. Catering for the mining industry, prototypes and trial & error is carried out to diversify their range of offerings for customers.

#Nottinghamshire #Mining #Manufacturing #EquipmentSupplier


#8 Reality Cheque: £88K awarded to a Derby-based Electronics Manufacturer with a total of £787K in R&D tax credits over eight years (2011-2018)

Specialising in electronic assembly, this Derby-based manufacturer produces high-end electronics for a variety of applications. Establishing partnerships with customers, the company undertake intense trial periods in-house and iterative development to remain market leaders, as well as respond to market trends.

#Derbyshire #Derby #Electronics #Manufacturer #ElectronicAssembly


#9 Reality Cheque: Packaging Solutions Manufacturer awarded £97K for latest R&D tax credits claim with a total of £586K

Based in Leicester, this manufacturer specialises in creating professional cases and packaging solutions. The company have focused their research and development on implementing new production processes. Trial & error was carried out to also improve processes, such as rotary moulding and vacuum forming, to improve energy efficiency as well as incorporating more recycled materials into products.

#Leicester #Leicestershire #Packaging #RotaryMoulding #VacuumForming #Recycling #EnergyEfficiency


#10 Reality Cheque: Derbyshire Manufacturers awarded £228K across three years (2015-2017) with the latest claim for £93K

Based in Alfreton, this manufacturer develops and manufactures innovative plastic pipeline solutions. Research & development is carried out to meet customer requirements, comply with strict safety standards and deliver quality products. This involves testing, iterative development and trial & error.

#Derbyshire #Alfreton #Manufacturing #PlasticPipelines


#11 Reality Cheque: Greater Manchester-based Engineers awarded £76K in R&D tax credits with the latest claim for £33K

Overcoming technical challenges and pushing boundaries, this engineering firm are based in Ashton-under-Lyne in Greater Manchester. With a reputation for innovative and high-quality products, the team produce prototypes to achieve bespoke customer requirements that are often technologically complex.

#GreaterManchester #Engineering #Prototypes


#12 Reality Cheque: A total of £176K in R&D tax credits to a Coalville-based Software company over four years (2015-2018), with the latest claim for £38K

Based in Leicestershire, the company are a software solutions supplier for the road haulage industry. Innovating to meet ever-changing, complex customer requirements, the team conduct intensive trial & error to produce / improve software that is modular, flexible and can be implemented rapidly. Continuous development work is carried out to advance technological breakthroughs and overcome technical challenges.

#Coalville #Leicestershire #SoftwareDevelopment


#13 Reality Cheque: £157K in R&D tax credits awarded to Tack & Nail Manufacturers in Leicester over four years with the latest claim for £39K

Pioneers in the industry, this Leicester-based company manufacture precision quality tacks and nails for the footwear industry. With a team of experienced engineers and toolmakers, the company have innovated the process to increase capacity efficiently and reduce costs to increase competitiveness. Everything is developed in-house through testing, problem-solving and iterative development.

#Leicestershire #Leicester #Manufacturing #Toolmakers #Engineering #PrecisionEngineering


#14 Reality Cheque: £290K in R&D tax credits awarded to Engineers in Derbyshire over eight years (2012-2019) with the latest claim for £49K

Based in Chesterfield, this engineering firm specialise in CNC machining, stainless steel fabrication, sheet metalwork, spiral welding and pipework installation. Both time and financial risk have been dedicated to research & development efforts in order to meet customer requirements. R&D tax credits have enabled the company to grow, invest in larger premises, acquire new machinery and implement new processes.

#Derbyshire #Chesterfield #Engineering


#15 Reality Cheque: £333K awarded to Engineers in Nottinghamshire over six years (2013 – 2018) with the latest R&D tax credits claim for £45K

Based in Nottinghamshire, the engineering firm have focused R&D towards developing commercial technology for the production of sustainable energy. The team have created a new and innovative anaerobic digestion process. Constant iterative development and trial & error for new markets is carried out to push technological boundaries.

#Nottinghamshire #AnaerobicDigestion #Sustainability


#16 Reality Cheque: £159K in R&D tax credits for an E-Retailer based in South Yorkshire over six years (2013 -2018) with the latest claim for £28K

Based in Doncaster, this e-retailer specialises in supplying building materials. This completely unique service required intensive trial & error and problem-solving to develop a bespoke backend operation. Recently investing in R&D test servers, the team are dedicated to resolving technological uncertainty and trialling new technology without impacting the main servers.

#SouthYorkshire #Doncaster #Ecommerce #BuildingMaterials


These Reality Cheques enable improved cash flow, the ability to sustainably fund R&D projects, grow the company, stay ahead of competition and much more! What would you do with a cash injection? Get in touch with randd uk today for your Reality Cheque.



Reality Cheque: A term coined by randd uk. This is the ‘light bulb’ moment where you realise that your business can receive cash awards for work already completed. Shockingly, only a small proportion of eligible businesses have ever claimed R&D tax credits. Is it time for your Reality Cheque?