Weekly Reality Cheque – 17/02/2020

­­Another busy week for the team at randd uk. Here are the Reality Cheque highlights from this week. The line-up includes Engineering Firms, Building suppliers, Farming companies and more! Get in touch today to receive your own Reality Cheque!

#1 Reality Cheque: A total claim of £67K over five years (2015-2019) for Colour-match expert, with the latest claim for £14K.

Based in Nottinghamshire, this company work with prolific clients such as Next, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, H&M and more. As colour experts, the team calculate complex colour formulas to ensure that the exact shade is replicated accurately across all products, regardless of material or manufacturer. This work requires a large amount of trial & error to achieve bespoke results. Innovation has also been carried out to reduce waste and make the process more efficient.

#Hucknall #Nottinghamshire #ColourTechnology #Reality Cheque #Manufacturing #Printing


#2 Reality Cheque: Over £72K for an Electro-mechanical Engineering company.

Based in Chesterfield, this company work with clients across a broad range of industries to provide electro-mechanical engineering services. With numerous accreditations, the company continually seek to develop solutions to incorporate new technology and streamline processes. Achieving solutions often requires trials, prototypes and problem solving.

#Chesterfield #Derbyshire #Electronics #Mechanics #Engineering #RealityCheque


#3 Reality Cheque: £58K for an architectural metalworker, yielding a grand total of £355K.

These metal workers are based in Tyne & Wear and specialise in architectural projects. Research and development are undertaken to constantly push technological boundaries and accept ever more challenging briefs. Expert staff conduct research, trial & error, prototype productions and extensive testing to ensure that relevant standard and codes of conduct are met.

#TyneandWear #NorthEast #Metalwork #Architecture #RealityCheque


#4 Reality Cheque: £83K for a telecommunications provider & network operator for three years for three years (2017-2019), with latest claim for £30K.

Based in London, this company are a successful telecommunications provider and network operator. The business has remained lean and profitable due to a commitment to innovation. Various ongoing projects require constant trial & error and problem solving to resolve issues.

#London #NetworkProvider #Telecommunications #RealityCheque


#5 Reality Cheque: A natural food supplement manufacturer awarded £37K over five years (2015-2019) with the latest claim for £8,300.

Spotting a gap in the market, this company formed to develop nutritional supplements that are healthier and environmentally sustainable than products that were available on the shelves. Constant research & trialling enables improved products with organic and vegan properties.

#Bristol #SouthWest #FoodSupplements #Natural #Organic #Vegan #Manufacturing #RealityCheque


#6 Reality Cheque: A whopping total of £210K for a garment manufacturer over five years with the latest claim for £50K.

Based in Leicester, this garment manufacturer produces a wide range of clothing for clients such as the Ministry of Defence, police forces, Royal Mail and much more. Designed for safety and practicality, garments such as bulletproof vests undergo a process of prototyping and trials to maximise protective qualities. Technological advancements are constantly achieved in the industry and this company innovates to stay at the forefront of this field.

#Leicestershire #RealityCheque #Clothing #Textiles #GarmentManufacturing


#7 Reality Cheque: A Sheffield-based, family-run company awarded £68K over three years (2017-2019) with the latest claim for £27K.

Founded in Sheffield, this family-run company design and manufacture ductwork machinery for heating, ventilation & air-conditioning units. Renowned for exceptional service, the workforce travel across the globe to offer technical support. Research & development is carried out to adapt to changes in legislation, improve ergonomic design features, save space on factory floors and more. Problem solving and iterative development is utilised to achieve these goals.

#Sheffield #SouthYorkshire #Manufacturing #Ductwork #RealityCheque


#8 Reality Cheque: Robotics company awarded £75K for five years (2015-2019) with the latest claim for £26K.

Located in Huddersfield, this manufacturer specialises in industrial robotics & automation, as well as welding technologies. The team deliver bespoke manufacturing solutions to meet complex customer briefs such as robots for picking, placing, welding and machining. This involves producing prototypes, trial & error and significant testing.

#Huddersfield #WestYorkshire #Manufacturing #IndustrialRobotics #Automation #WeldingTechnologies #RealityCheque


#9 Reality Cheque: Electro-mechanical engineering company based in Derbyshire awarded £125K in total with their latest claim reaching £36.4K.

This multi-faceted business is a major turnkey company whose team includes highly qualified and experienced engineers. The firm operates in multiple demanding industries including health, food, chemicals and steel. The company helps its clients streamline and improve their own processes by using innovative technologies, trial and error, prototypes and more. This firm’s ‘can-do’ attitude and constantly developing approach has propelled its business for nearly 30 years.

#Derbyshire #Engineering #Health #Food #Chemicals #Steel #Technology #RealityCheque


#10 Reality Cheque: 17.5K rewarded to Hertfordshire based architectural company.

This company hosts a team of creative and skilled architects who design innovative buildings and spaces. They always endeavour to be socially, economically, and environmentally responsible by improving the efficiency of their designs. They adopt a collaborative approach to their work and use R&D to conduct in-depth research and mathematical modelling to achieve results. The company often use unconventional, new materials for projects which requires extensive testing and trailing of materials and designs.

#Hertfordshire #Architecture #Buildings #Efficiency #Environment #unconventional #R&D


#11 Reality Cheque: Company awarded £28K for 3rd & 4th year claim, making their total claim size to date £53K.

This company design, develop, build and install bespoke automated test equipment and have a reputation for innovative and high-quality service, processes and products. Their success is based on their many years of experience and a multi-disciplined approach. The business pride themselves on their highly-skilled staff and customer communication abilities and use R&D to always push the boundaries of what is possible. The company operate within many sectors including chemical and food manufacture and recently the automotive industry. In terms of R&D, the business must continually invest in the most advanced hardware and software technology in order to innovate.

#Bespoke #Innovate #Chemical #Food #Manufacture #Automotive #Hardware #Software


#12 Reality Cheque:  £113K awarded to a Nottinghamshire based firm bringing their claim total to £732K.

This company are suppliers of sustainable and specialised packaging. They have strong international trade links which is heightened by their multi-lingual team and proactive and innovative approach to problem solving. The business offers eco-friendly solutions to packaging dilemmas. They use R&D to implement new materials and advanced design to assist their customers in fulfilling their own brand development targets. The company innovate using prototypes and trials to ensure their designs deliver every time.

#Nottinghamshire #Packaging #ProblemSolving #Proactive


#13 Reality Cheque:  £62K reimbursed to Yorkshire born company making their total claim size £180K.

This Northern business specialise in producing high quality, fresh herbs and baby salads alongside edible flowers. Their whole growing process is done on-site where they use a purpose build pack-house to wrap up the food. The firm’s goal is to push the boundaries of food flavour, quality and hygiene whilst exceeding customer expectations. Environmental sensitivity is also a core value of the company, and they use innovative growing methods and biological controls to ensure this objective is met. The firm have also used R&D to implement Staff development schemes.

#Herbs #Growing #Farming #Food #Environment


#14 Reality Cheque:  £98K awarded to Leicestershire bred company, pushing their total claim size to £668K.

This business produces a range of products designed to enhance the value of livestock throughout the world. The company continually seeks to improve the quality of all its products and processes. It is also aware of its environmental responsibilities and strives to be as efficient as possible in all elements of production. Improving yields and fertility are amongst the top priorities of their farmers to achieve maximum output from their stock. To enable this process, the business implement R&D via problem solving, cutting edge development and intense trialling.

#Leicestershire #Livestock #Environment #Production #Yield


#15 Reality Cheque: Third time’s a charm for this financial company as they’re awarded £13K for their 3rd claim in 3 years.  Their total claim size now stands at £69K.

This business specialise in developing business management platforms in the financial services industry. The Company also operates within the payments technology sector and aid start-up businesses by making it easier to set- up banking facilities. This firm use R&D in finding alternative solutions to resolve problems facing new businesses.

#ThreeTimesACharm #Payments #Banking #New #Business


#16 Reality Cheque: Latest claim of £60.6K reimbursed to Leicestershire based company, making their total claim figure £357K.

This company specialises in the development and installation of exterior building products. The firm act as contractors in the public and private sectors and have developed a large product range. The business are market leaders and offer completely bespoke solutions for their clients. Their innovations include improving thermal performance of windows which they achieved through intense trialling and problem solving. R&D has helped them achieve technological breakthroughs which have satisfied customers and kept the company at the top of their game.

# Leicestershire #Building #Bespoke #Innovate #Windows #Technology #Customers


These Reality Cheques enable improved cash flow, the ability to sustainably fund R&D projects, grow the company, stay ahead of competition and much more! What would you do with a cash injection?



Reality Cheque:

A term coined by randd uk. This is the ‘light bulb’ moment where you realise that your business can receive cash awards for work already completed. Shockingly, only a small proportion of eligible businesses have ever claimed R&D tax credits. Is it time for your Reality Cheque?