Weekly R&D tax credit success stories – 01/04/2020

­­Another busy week for the team at randd uk. Here are the claim highlights from this week. The line-up includes Health and Fitness firms, Jewellery suppliers, Investment Research companies and more! Get in touch today to receive your own cash reward from HMRC!

  • A total of £334.8K back from the taxman for this Bristol based business.

These structural steel specialists pride themselves on finding solutions for complex engineering projects whether refurbishment, new build, supply only or installation. They have a hands-on and reactive approach and maintain brilliant client relationships through consistently adding value to their service. As the company have taken on jobs of increasing complexity, they have increased their time spent on R&D.  Some of their R&D projects include problem solving, increased hours of staff labor, more material bought for testing, and the hiring of subcontractors.

#Bristol #Engineering

  • A recent claim of £29.5K has been awarded to this Staffordshire based manufacturer, making their total claim to date £228K.

This company develops, manufactures and supplies secure, safe and ergonomic temporary access solutions including scaffolding systems, weather protection systems, suspended access and shoring systems. The business used R&D to enhance their process as many of the services they offer are bespoke developments for specific projects. They have used R&D to create new products and improve their safety and build upon their work environment.

#Staffordshire #Manufacturing #Bespoke #ShoringSystems

  • A latest claim of £34.6K for this Leicester based construction and property company.

This business develops and manufactures windows, doors, conservatories, glass, arches and roofing solutions, using state of the art computer-controlled machinery. The company works in domestic and commercial industries, where they install products for both new-build and retro-fit properties. The company have invested heavily in technology to ensure they can deliver on the bespoke projects they take on. R&D helps the business stay ahead of competition by improving their production and manufacturing methods. Some of the R&D techniques used are trials, prototypes and problem solving.

#Leicester #Windows #Doors #Conservatories #RoofingSolutions #Prototypes #Trials #ProblemSolving

  • A latest claim of £17.8K brings this Manchester manufacturers total claim size to £44.7K.

This firm operate a global Business to Consumer perfume business. They have been successful in delivering leading brand fragrances directly to consumers, particularly in remote areas where retail outlets are not available. The company have used R&D to improve the speed and quality of their deliveries which has been essential to their success. The business developed innovative systems to ensure their service was the most price competitive and created ways of maintaining a high demand for their products whilst avoiding the costs of online advertising. These innovations allowed the company to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

#Manchester #Perfume #Deliveries #Innovation

  • A latest claim of £73k has been awarded to this Bradford based business, bringing their total claim size to £228.6K.

This company is a market leader in creating and providing a wide selection of high-quality sandwiches and convenience foods. Their mission is to provide excellence in service, quality, variety, freshness and food safety. What’s more, their client portfolio includes some of the nation’s most respected companies and organisations. This company have used R&D techniques such as prototypes and problem-solving to continually improve their processes. Some of their innovations include developing ways of improving production processes and storage control and seeking ways of achieving higher speed and higher yields to ensure competitiveness. Their innovations make this business hugely adaptable which allows them to make quick decisions when responding to consumer’s ever-changing demand habits.

#Bradford #Food #Convenience #MarketLeader

  • A first claim of £9K for this London born company who provide high tech digital fitness and well-being services.

This firm sought to address the fundamental lack of trust that exists between consumers and businesses in the fitness industry and aimed to reinstate the trust and professionalism within the sector. This business matches qualified and experienced fitness professionals with people who are serious about improving their health and wellbeing. The company only use practitioners who have a sports science or related degree and a minimum of 3 to 5 years in the industry. The business use R&D to constantly innovate their software and hardware and update their digital presence. R&D is massively important to this digitally-focused company as it allows them to stay one step ahead of technological advancements.

#London #Fitness #Health #Digital

  • This Nottingham based firm have claimed a total of £301.2K in R&D tax credits.

This firm specialize in the development of compression mask shielding. They design and manufacture masking products for aero and gas turbine engines. The shielding products enhance productivity, lower costs and provide repeatability by virtue of re-usable moulds. The company have used R&D extensively to ensure they are market leaders and continue to be industry leaders in this niche market.

#Nottingham #Shielding #Moulds #R&D

  • This business has successfully claimed R&D tax credits for the 7th time. Their most recent claim stands at £72K making their total claim total £377K.

This business develops and manufactures high quality hand-made products. They have produced items as diverse as bronze statues, album covers, collectable giftware and Rock ‘n’ Roll merchandise. They produce esoteric and contemporary jewellery and are the undisputed leader in Gothic lifestyle accessories. They trade their goods on a massive international scale in a constantly changing market that has many competitors. To stay ahead of the competition, this company routinely conduct their own R&D. Some of their innovations include: in house product development, process and software development, and a constant effort to enhance the functionality of products.

#HandMade #Manufacture #Jewellery

  • A latest claim of £66K for this publishing firm, making their total claim size £211K.

This company publishes a wide range of business magazines and online services for professionals working in the leisure industries. The company is in partnership with over 20 different trade bodies and holds over 100,000 key industry contacts and is a major player in the recruitment process in the leisure market. The business has used R&D to overcome the fall in demand for printed methods of dispersing key industry news and information. R&D has allowed the firm to stay at the forefront of digital publishing and is a key to their success. Their innovations have focused largely on IT projects and their techniques include intense trialling and problem solving.

#Publishing #DigitalPublishing #R&D

  • Leicester based investment research company is awarded £14K total from the tax man, making their total claim size 34K.

This firm are specialists in the more complex side of investment research. They have developed their portfolio to offer a wide range of specialised research partnerships to small and large financial organisation’s and networks. Their specialisms range from investment selection, asset allocation and portfolio construction, through to business process advice and support. The company have used R&D to streamline their processes and create bespoke experiences for their clients.

#Leicester #InvestmentResearch #Bespoke

  • A first claim of £28K is awarded to a cleaning solutions company.

This company’s purpose is to provide quality and reliable cleaning and support services. They offer professional and cost-effective cleaning and support services to all business sectors, from the smallest office, pubs, clubs and leisure centres to the largest blue-chip companies. The firm have undertaken several R&D projects, all related to the development of improving the delivery of their cleaning services. The firm have used R&D to develop cutting-edge technologies that manage the payroll for large numbers of staff in disparate locations across the country. They have also used innovation to produce systems to quote and deliver fact based flexible services through bespoke software solutions. During R&D projects, the business created innovative solutions incorporating problem solving, bespoke software programming and intense trialling & testing.

#CleaningSolutions #CostEffective #Technology #CuttingEdge #Trialling #Testing

  • A latest £7K claim takes this firm’s total R&D tax credit claim size to £208K.

This company are concerned with making cost-effective products for the foundation and installation of offshore oil & gas and wind turbine structures. They have created a sealant which has been developed and refined for many applications in almost all oil and gas producing regions worldwide. The business has focused heavily on R&D to minimise and manage risk in proposed installations and to create bespoke solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.

#Oil #Gas #OffShore #WindTurbine

  • Huddersfield based fitness and lifestyle company is awarded £3K for their first claim.

This company’s aim is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle amongst young people. The business strives to remove the barriers to physical activity for younger generations and encourage more young people to increase their level of physical activity and adopt healthier eating habits. The firm employs specialists who work closely with schools to collect data and monitor progress to demonstrate the real-life impact of PE and sport funding. These specialists continuously research the latest trends in all aspects of sporting, lifestyle and nutritional practices to ensure their methods are at the cutting-edge of the industry.

#Huddersfield #Health #Lifestyle

  • A Leicester based company sees their total claim size reach £43.9K.

This company repair electric motors, fans, and pumps and provide AC and DC drive system integration solutions. The nature of their work means they must constantly innovate. Their R&D investments include the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. They are creative and inventive in finding solutions, and innovative in developing systems that achieve the best, often unique, solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.

#Leicester #ProblemSolving #Trialling

  • A Leicester based business have been awarded £50K from HMCR, making their total claim to date £93K.

This company set out to solve the issue of the lack of good quality accessible advice in the financial services marketplace. The firm have grown into an established business successful at helping thousands of clients working towards their financial goals. The business has used R&D to deliver a cost effective service that supplies technologically advanced solutions. Some of the innovations include investing in advanced hardware and developing cutting-edge software tools. They have also utilised sub-contractors and their specialist team to facilitate their innovations.

#HMRC #Financial #Innovate

  • A Latest claim of £31.9K has been awarded to this manufacturing company.

This company offers a full design service right from one-off prototypes through to mass manufacture of a variety of printed circuit boards (PCBs), integrated circuits and other complex electrical components. They pride themselves on their quality and flexibility and their ability to tailor their expertise and service to fulfil customer requirements. This firm use R&D to great effect as the nature of their work means they must solve technologically demanding problems. They must constantly research advancements in their field and innovate as the materials, assembly techniques, standards and legislation and more constantly evolve.

#Manufacturing #Prototypes #Electronics #Technology

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