Are you eligible for R&D tax credits?

Find out by watching our webinar.

We have partnered with the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce to bring you a webinar detailing the eligibility process for R&D Tax Credits.

If your buiness is in need of a cash injection but doesn’t know how to achieve it, R&D Tax Credits can be your solution.

R&D Tax Credits are a government funded scheme to help UK business sustainably fund their innovation and investment in R&D. Making a successful claim means your business can be compensated for time and money you have already spent. What’s more, you can backdate your claim up to 2 years. Randd uk are R&D Tax Credits specialists and have been for over 12 years. We have a strong relationship with HMRC and we therefore know how to maximise our clients claim size.

Watch our webinar here to see if you qualify for this fantastic scheme.

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