Need to improve your cash-flow?

During these troubling times it be worth having another look at R&D?

As many companies are scrambling to access the new Government emergency measures like the 80% Furlough scheme, there might be an easier way to input money into your business.

You might qualify for R&D cash awards for development work you’ve already done!

If the corona virus means you are not currently working or business has been put on hold, now is the perfect time to utilise your free time and contact us to see if you’re eligible for this fantastic government scheme.

By just spending half an hour on a call with one of our Technical experts, we can find out what qualifying R&D projects you’ve already done which could result in a cash windfall for your business.

Right now might be the best ever time to have another look at R&D. It’s a brilliant no-strings-attached incentive from the government which can improve your cash flow during these unprecedented times.

Call the office today on 01332 477070 for a free, no obligation eligibility consultation.