Weekly R&D tax credits success stories 24/07/20

July has seen the lockdown rules in the UK relaxed and with it many businesses have opened their doors and adapted to a new way of trading. As the aftermath of the lockdown becomes more apparent, companies across the UK are looking for solutions to the cash haemorrhage the corona virus has caused. One cash-flow-fix solution that businesses often overlook are R&D Tax Credits. R&D Tax Credits are a government funded scheme that aim to reward UK businesses for time and money spent on innovation and qualifying R&D projects. Randd uk are R&D Tax Credit experts who make applying for the scheme quick and simple, and our expert knowledge means we maximise our clients claim sizes. If you think your business could be eligible for the scheme, get in touch with our team on 01332 477 070 or email us at info@randduk.com. Below are the details of some of our latest client success stories.

A recent claim of £34.7K makes this Leicestershire company’s total claim size £96.5K

This business are specialist suppliers of ceramics and glass. They work in partnership with retailers around the globe including south Africa and Canada and provide products for high quality British brands such as Marks and Spencer and John Lewis. The company takes huge pride in delivering quality and value for money and work closely with their partners and customers to ensure they are delivering excellence. The business put a lot of focus on innovation and their team holds a vast amount of knowledge. They constantly seek to improve production methods and minimise costs, reduce wastage, and trial new technology to optimise their products. This ensures their customers are always given the cutting-edge products.

A latest claim of £60.8K brings this firm’s total claim size to £217.6K

This business specialises in creating investment technology solutions for the Independent Financial Advisor community using new technology. The solutions appeal to advisers who value independence throughout their business, including the ability to recommend individual funds for their clients. This solution is believed to be the world’s first and is highly innovative allowing the company to actively monitor and switch funds for clients within a visible, repeatable and profitable process which aims to improve client satisfaction. The business has worked with experts to ensure their financial and academic fields are performing at their best and they have used R&D to develop unique software which required bespoke solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.


This Chesterfield based business receives a latest claim worth £53.8K making their total to date £133.5K

This organisation’s goal is to be the best mechanical design engineers that carry out the most demanding and innovative engineering projects. This company’s workforce includes professionals with extensive engineering knowledge, who’s skills are heightened by a modern facility with large capacity machines, fabrication area and assembly space. The business uses innovation and R&D every day as many of their projects are bespoke meaning innovation must be used to produce the desired result for the client. The business must continually update its tooling, handling systems and approaches to cope with demand and the R&D techniques used are bespoke solutions, problem solving, cutting edge development, and intense trialling.


A latest claim worth £11.7K for this business makes their total claim to date £33.8K                                               

This company are an established supplier of medical devices and consumables to UK healthcare providers. The team work hard to bring their medical knowledge to develop an innovative range of medical devices to the market. The firm use R&D to improve clinical practices and standards and prioritise patient care.


A first claim for Birmingham business worth £27.2K

This business specialises in refurbishing, redesigning, resizing and repairing used jewellery. More recently they have added the manufacture of bespoke jewellery to their services as well. During this diversification, the company has invested heavily in the development of new product ranges of jewellery including 3D modelling. They have used R&D to develop new techniques and work with new materials with hopes to move into wearable technology.

First claim worth £9K for electronics company                                                                                                  

This company specialises in the manufacture of bespoke electrical control systems for industrial and commercial use. The business carries out all the design work and manufacture for their clients. They have a team of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers which work closely with their clients to meet unique requirements. The company uses innovation to help build machinery and R&D is used to test new processes to optimize control.

A recent claim worth £159.5K for west midlands firm makes their total claim to date £487.3K                               

This business produces ferrous and non- ferrous centrifugal castings which are used in the marine, defence and renewable energy sectors. In recent years, the business has invested in a large material range which includes stainless steel and innovative solutions are required to ensure they are meeting the demands of customers. They have also invested in new machinery and technologies to ensure they are at the forefront of the industry and are meeting demand. R&D is used to create bespoke solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

A latest claim of £72.8K  brings this client’s total claim to £211.9K                                                                              

This company runs alongside its partner and share extensive machining and assembly facilities. They develop and manufacture a comprehensive range of fittings and hydrant valves in alloys. They have used innovation to improve processes and install new machinery and they supply all over the globe. The company also invest in leading edge production techniques and have invested heavily in new machinery. R&D has been used to create bespoke solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.

A latest claim worth £278.4K for this west midlands firm makes their total claim to date £550.7K              

This West-Midlands based business is a market leader in supplying high integrity copper and nickel based sand castings for environments where heat, wear and corrosion cause issues. The business supplies to international markets across the globe and have an experienced technical and production team which carry out bespoke solutions for customers. The company have invested considerably in machinery, staff, processes and apprenticeship programme and have used R&D techniques such as intense trialling and problem solving.


Loughborough based business receives a cash award worth £145.5K making their total claim £278K

This firm is a privately owned analytical modelling industry consultancy which specialises in building models and developing tools to support evidence-based decision making. The business expert consultants are key problem solvers and they have built methods to increase the agility of their practices. The company have a culture of innovation and have used R&D to achieve technological breakthroughs which satisfy customer wants and needs.

Leicester based firm receive a cash sum worth  £167.4K making their total to date £502.7K

This company specialises in the development of spice, herb and seed products for flavour enhancing. They transform first class raw ingredients into concentrated and bespoke seasoning. They are a complete manufacturing solution and their quality has gained them reputation of the top name in the spice industry worldwide. Their selection of first class farmers and suppliers helps them achieve their internationally recognised status. Moreover, the company’s culture of innovation allows them to continually improve their production facilities as well as investing in staff and expertise. R&D projects include prototypes and their team overcoming technical uncertainties to create bespoke solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.

Lincoln based business receives a latest claim worth £75.8K making their total claim to date £432.9K                   

This Lincoln based world class technology leading company provides systems to test and validate virtually every semiconductor chip product range. They have worked to advance the development of a variety of solutions for semiconductor clients across the world to increase productivity and see new developments reach their full potential. They constantly invest in training to stay ahead in the constantly advancing electronics industry. Their R&D projects include trials, prototypes, and problem solving to satisfy customer needs through technological breakthroughs.

A recent claim of £16.3K is awarded to Leicester based business making their total claim to date £163K               

This company develops leading- edge metrology technology which makes a major contribution to improving the capabilities of UK plc and industry throughout the world. They develop solutions for ultra-precision detailed measurements of intricate components which demands large amounts of innovation. Furthermore, the company’s continued growth of capability through additional employees, sub-contractors, and test equipment has enabled greater R&D projects to improve technology, machinery and processes.

A first claim worth £66K for Northamptonshire firm                                                                                                    

Based in Northamptonshire, this organisation’s primary focus is on producing men’s and women’s belts and they also craft a number of other small leather goods such as bracelets, cuffs, wallets and braces. They are devoted to detail and masters of their craft and their wealth of experience and technological know-how means there is a natural culture of innovation within the business. The company have used R&D to continually develop new product ideas and to stay on top of trends which involves constant research and development of the manufacturing process.

Dorset based company achieve a recent claim of £86.7K bringing their total claim figure to £166.8K

This precision engineering company specialises in the manufacture of components for the aerospace industry. They provide high quality machining services and undertake design, manufacture, machining and assembly all in house. They have a state-of-the-art premise and a highly skilled workforce that produce the highest quality work. The business continually invests in the latest engineering equipment meaning ever more complex products and the firm have undertaken many R&D projects to create bespoke solutions, trials, prototypes, and problem solving

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