The modern history of the UK has seen the nation move away from its industrious roots and begin to push the boundaries of research and development. This surge in innovation is highlighted by the mind-boggling statistic of 80 new businesses being started every hour last year. Particularly in the science and technology sector, the UK has been at the forefront of research.

With businesses being created every single day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with that lightbulb idea. However, these five startups and businesses have seemingly struck gold with their creations. Let’s take a look.


Fed up with working for energy suppliers that did not value their customers, Jordan and Amit fled the mainstream energy companies to form Bulb. With one eye on the environment, Bulb aims to ‘green up the grid’ through renewable energy and gases that are produced from natural matter.

With alternative energy gaining speed and popularity, Bulb is beginning to trouble the ‘big six’ and is a perfect example for any startups looking to get off to a flying start in the business world.

Big Health

Awareness and care for mental health disorders has gained significant strength over the last decade, and Big Health is a big believer in this cause. As well as an app which tracks and analyses your sleep, Big Health promises good mental health without pills or medication, achieving this with digital behavioural programs backed by experts.

With a steady increase in reported mental health cases in the UK and across the world, Big Health has provided an effective solution at just the right time.


We are all in need of a pat on the back from time to time. Kudos is an employee engagement tool which gives a workforce a platform to praise and critique each other’s work in a secure environment. This service has been universally praised for increasing productivity and boosting support between employees. Kudos is a firm believer that positivity breeds success, and that seems to be working for their business model so far.


The rise of social media and the internet has allowed us to create online versions of ourselves. But how do businesses and organisations know that who we say we are is who we actually are? Onfido experienced the same problem and strived to fix it. Employers and companies can now check the identity of anyone, anywhere. Criteria such as criminal history, right to work and credit checks are also part of this tech-based startups services.

So has this start up revolutionised and secured the way in which businesses interact with their consumers? Check!


Science and technology can benefit our lives in more ways than one, but improving our health and the way we live is perhaps the most beneficial. The use of 3D scanning and printing is used to tailor cutting edge orthopaedic shoes for children. Providing a comfortable solution to an otherwise uncomfortable situation consists of a clinical scan, followed by a 3D design specific to your child and then a thorough fitting process.

Your child’s first steps are some of the most special moments, but ensuring their next steps are comfortable and pain-free is what makes Andiamo so successful.

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