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Randd wins back over £180m for its clients

Randd wins back over £180m for its clients

We are proud to announce that randd has now officially claimed back over £180m in R&D Tax Credits for its valued clients.

To date, randd has completed over 3,700 claims, resulting in £181.2m in awards granted and an average claim value of almost £50,000.

More than £33m has been claimed back through the 12 month period to May 2022 alone, as randd celebrates a successful year as part of K3 Capital Group PLC, following on from our recent office move to accommodate further growth.

Recent activity comes off the back of a period which saw a 16% increase in the total number of R&D Tax Credit claims, as total R&D tax relief support rose to almost £7.4 billion, according to the latest Government statistics.