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randd welcomes HMRC’s approach on certain R&D claims

randd welcomes HMRC's approach on certain R&D claims

Randd welcomes HMRC’s stance on certain R&D claims after reports of irregular activity within the general market came to light, with a number claims being paused by HMRC as a result.

We are delighted to report that none of randd’s clients have been affected by these developments, and we encourage diligent policing to retain the integrity of the R&D Tax Credits scheme.

This has resulted in delays on certain claims being processed, and HMRC has advised that the inclusion of the Corporation Tax Return (CT600) and any supporting evidence with any current tax claim could ensure a smoother process.

Matt Timby, Finance Director at our R&D Division, commented on the situation: “Whilst none of our clients have been impacted by the investigations, we understand the severity of the situation. It is important to stress that only some irregular claims are being investigated and clients are still receiving R&D cash rebates from HMRC every single day, so we haven’t noticed any delays with our own operations so far.

“It is important to understand that payments have only been paused for a select number of claims whilst they are under investigation.”