We’re sponsoring the NPD & Innovation Summit! On Tuesday 7th November 2017, randd uk are exhibiting on stand number H9 at the Food & Drink NPD and Innovation Summit hosted at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. We are also presenting on the main stage of the Food & Drink NPD & Innovation Summit at 3.50 – 4.10pm. Various food and drink-related events will be co-located in the Arena which are all FREE to attend. The show is open from 9am – 5pm.

About the Food & Drink NPD & Innovation Summit

It’s randd uk’s first time at this event and we are proud to sponsor the NPD & Innovation Summit! Organised by the industry leading publication, Food and Drink Business Europe, the event is returning for their second year at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

With over 20 years’ experience, Food and Drink Business Europe organise food manufacturing events that are vital for the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

The event is co-located with other events where visitors can move freely between summits. Other summits that will be showcased are:

  • Sustainable Food & Beverage Conference
  • Food & Drink Lean, Productivity & Continuous Improvement Summit
  • The Food & Drink Engineering Summit
  • Food & Drink Data & IT Summit
  • Food & Drink Quality & Safety Summit
  • Food & Drink Supply Chain & Logistics Summit
  • Food & Drink Packaging Materials, Technology & Design Summit

The main purpose of the Food & Drink NPD & Innovation Summit is “to offer a platform for food and beverage professionals in areas such as R&D, innovation, NPD, quality, nutrition, ingredients, brand management & marketing, technical, commercialisation, consumer insights, etc. to gather and share knowledge on the latest consumer trends, regulations, emerging foods and ingredients, R&D techniques and technologies” – Food & Drink Europe, 2017

UK businesses in the food and drink industry can hugely benefit from investing in “innovation in order to retain customers and gain new market share, as well as achieving success in creating and launching healthy, sustainable, innovative, tasty food products” (Food & Drink Europe, 2017).

The show is FREE to attend and key topics include:

Understand the latest food trends & opportunities; Taste / health balance; Consumer engagement in NPD; Avoiding regulatory pitfalls; Clean labels; Emerging ingredients; Latest health trends; Shelf life extension; Production of alternative food substitutes (in vitro meat, algae, insects etc); Achieving health claim approval; Nutritional labelling; Sustainable ingredient sourcing; Nutraceuticals; Functional ingredients; Store shelf innovation; Clinical trial implementation; Data analysis; Recipe formulation; Salt, sugar and fat reduction; Natural ingredients, free from taste enhancement; Consumer trends; Cost saving reformation; Regulations; Calorie reduction; Future foods; Quality assurance; Innovative R&D processes, from concept to launch; Research methodology; Flavour enhancement; Retailer trends; Product diversification and much more!

randd uk’s 1st time at the show

It’s randd uk’s first time exhibiting at the Food & Drink NPD & Innovation Summit and we have a lot to share!

randd uk specialise in claiming R&D tax credits for UK businesses and have an impressive 100% success rate since starting in 2008. The head office is based in Derby with experienced consultants working across the UK to reclaim money from HMRC on behalf of SMEs and large companies.

Research and development is essential in the food & drink manufacturing industry and R&D tax credits are a hot topic for companies who want to make their investments go further. Many UK businesses are missing out on entitled rewards due to confusion around eligible activities. Here is what some of our current clients had to say about claiming R&D tax awards with randd uk.

Nathan Bailey, Managing Director for Advanced Innovation Engineering (AIE):

“I had heard of R&D tax credits, but was told by many accountants that AIE would not qualify for them. I spoke to randd uk who proved the accountants wrong. The process took very little of my time, due to the guidance provided, and I had the cash sum in the bank within a month.”

Shaun Rowley, Managing Director from ANT Industries:

“I would like to thank the randd uk team for assisting ANT with our R&D tax claim. This is an excellent result and will help secure the future of business in the highly skilled aerospace sector, where R&D is paramount to our success.”

You can see what more clients had to say about the claiming from the R&D tax scheme with randd uk on our website.

Claim your mini reward straightaway on stand H9 where randd uk is giving away a medley of freebies including chocolate coins, jelly beans and more!

Phil Tooley’s Presentation

Don’t miss our presentation on the main stage of the Food & Drink NPD & Innovation Summit at 3.50–4.10pm. Our R&D Consultant, Phil Tooley, is speaking about ‘Rewarding Innovation with R&D Tax Credits’. Phil Tooley is an experienced consultant for randd uk; a diverse range of skills from corporate management to journalism equip Phil for producing successful R&D claims for qualifying businesses. Phil has over 30 years’ experience as a General & Commercial Manager within large multinational and small & medium enterprises. With a charismatic presenting style, Phil’s talk is informative, engaging and vital for UK limited businesses who are investing in research & development (R&D) activities.

Other speakers include “senior management from leading food and beverage companies that have direct responsibility for areas such as NPD, R&D, Innovation, Brand Management etc and have successfully developed and launches successful products” (Food & Drink Business Europe).


randd uk are looking forward to the Food & Drink NPD & Innovation Summit and meeting both new & familiar faces across both days. If you can’t wait until Tuesday 7th November to speak to us, call our Derby head office on 01332 477 070 or message us on the website contact page.