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Randd presents at the opening of EMA Training’s Digital Hub facility

Author: Gareth Smyth

Director Matt Timby and R&D Tax Consultants, and current AAT students, Lucy Cummings and Kyle Sawford, recently presented at the opening day of EMA Training’s new Digital Hub facility in Derby.

EMA Training is an AAT Training College based in the centre of Derby, who invited the randd team to discuss the benefits of the R&D Tax Credits scheme on local businesses and the wider UK economy, and how randd help clients realise optimum return on the R&D investment activities.

Currently working towards AAT accreditation themselves, Lucy and Kyle led the day’s presentation to their fellow students and academics to present in detail the mechanics of the R&D tax credits, the sectors randd work within, and how qualifying investment is identified and built into a case to present to HMRC.

The college kindly invited Lucy and Kyle to present once more to an additional group of students. Matt Timby said proudly of the two AAT trainees: “I’m sure this experience will serve them both well in their future careers. Being confident and articulating their case in pressurised situations such as this prepares them well for dealing with future clients and HMRC, and being able to handle questions under such circumstances is far more important and valuable than simply being able to prepare a set of figures.”