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randd celebrates 15 years of serving its clients

randd celebrates 15 years of serving its clients

As we approach our 15-year anniversary, randd have now surpassed 4,000 claims for our clients and over £200m in successful awards.  

Our experience has enabled us to help clients from a range of sectors. For instance we have made claims in unusual sectors where you might not think R&D would be occurring. For example, we recently completed a claim for a sporting events company. 

Due to the nature of the company, the Covid-19 pandemic presented opportunities for the business to review their offering and to launch innovations to overcome the challenges they faced. 

This innovative approach enabled the company to continue running 33 events in 20 countries in 2020 and a further 26 events in 14 countries in 2021. randd was able to work with the company to ensure its innovation was rewarded, resulting in the company being awarded a substantial amount in its first R&D claim.  

We have assisted clients across the whole of the UK and geographically, we have engaged with a high number of clients in London, Yorkshire and the Midlands. 

Notable claims within those regions include a consultancy firm which has been with randd for several years and most recently received £188k, taking total claims since 2017 to £650k; a Yorkshire-based arable farm that was awarded £95k in its first claim; and an engineering firm which received £98k, taking total claims to £637k over nine years.  

Due to randd’s outstanding service, the vast majority of our clients return for further claims year after year. For example, we have worked with a Shropshire-based engineering company to receive R&D tax credits for over 11 years and have been able to claim nearly £1m over this period. We also have a longstanding relationship with a packaging company based in Nottinghamshire which we have been able to assist in receiving £1.1m in tax credits since 2015. 

It is clear to see our breadth of experience and ability to provide bespoke solutions has enabled randd to enjoy sustainable growth over time and to support clients across the UK in a plethora of sectors.