Curiosity and ambition are the two components of a human’s DNA which are manifested by research and development. Without R&D, the human race would be stagnant, and we would still be searching for answers to illness, inconvenience and a whole host of other age old problems. With that in mind, it is a great relief to know that some of the largest companies in the world are pushing the boundaries of creation and innovation to provide us with medicines, technologies and services which aim to better our lives. These companies have been detailed by randd uk, and highlighted as the pioneers of research and development.


Founded in 1995, Google has not only become the world’s most used website, but it has also spearheaded the development into a number of technologies, such as mobile phones, maps and hands-free home assistance. The sheer size and popularity of Google has allowed the company to capture and acquire other lucrative businesses, such as YouTube and HTC, and also rival the likes of Apple and Samsung for its range of technical goods, mainly the Pixel phone.

Despite modest beginnings as a search engine for the world wide web, Google has managed to become one of the biggest investors for research and development. According to recent figures published by Business Insider, Google’s net spend on R&D for 2013 totalled at £5 Billion, making them one of the leaders for investment into the sector. This level of commitment to research and development is one of the primary reasons as to why Google has been able to secure a net worth in excess of $90 billion.

By furthering advancements into technology and developing products and services for people all over the world, it is no surprise to learn that Google is at the forefront of research and developments race to becoming the most profitable and lucrative sectors in the world.


With over a billion cars on the roads all over the world, you can probably guess that at least one manufacturer would make it on to this list. Considering Volkswagen contribute to the production at least 10 million vehicles each year, it is no surprise to learn that they are the biggest investor into research and development over any other company in the world. Spending well over $9 Billion each year to fund their latest projects and to construct their newest models, Volkswagen are doing their best to remain one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world.

Not only do they produce vehicles on the grandest of scales, but they are also pioneering the development of car safety and road safety technologies. With a particular focus on electric cars, crumple zones, airbags and braking and stability technologies, VW are not just putting cars on the road, they are going the extra mile to ensure that their vehicles are revolutionary in terms of safety and performance, making them one of the more significant pioneers of research and development.

Roche Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

One of the most noble purposes of research and development is searching for answers to illnesses and diseases, and that is exactly what Roche specialise in. Having established themselves as a global leader for cancer treatments, as well as boasting over 50 years of healthcare and medicine knowledge, Roche are the self-proclaimed ‘frontiers’ of pharmaceuticals.

As the biggest pharmaceutical company on the research and development investors list from 2013, Roche have admitted to spending over 9 Billion swiss francs every single year, which roughly equates to £6.8 Billion. With an aim to provide a definitive cure for cancer as well as searching for more effective treatments into other ailments, combined with a significant net spend into R&D, Roche have easily established themselves as one of the most notable entries on this list of research and development pioneers.


As one of the more recent entries on this list, British-based GlaxoSmithKline have wasted no time in asserting themselves as one of the leaders for pharmaceuticals and biomedical sciences. Founded only 16 years ago, GlaxoSmithKline specialises in oral health care, nutritional products, over the counter medicines and vaccines. In fact, this British pharma company are one of the world’s largest companies to deal in and invest in over the counter products.

With over 12,500 employees and research centres in over 115 countries, specifically for R&D, GSK have been able to develop a Malaria and Hepatitis B vaccines, and they are also one of the leading manufacturers and producers of asthmatic inhalers.

Having recognised the importance of research and development from the outset, GSK remain one of the most important and most relevant companies in the industry of biomedicine and pharmaceuticals, as well as research and development.

Research and development is an industry which has provided us with everything from our most loved gadgets to essential medicines and everything in between. With the R&D industry seemingly booming, the prospect of increased creation and innovation is very real, and it is a prospect which brings hope and excitement to people and businesses all around the world.

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