News Bulletin: 14/03/2019

The merit to sticking with randd uk has been proven with three successful claims in three years

More than £190k has gone to a Lincoln-based electronics company over the last three years. Specialising in developing methods to test and improve circuit boards, this year’s claim of £52k ensures the company can keep on innovating and pushing the boundaries in this vital area of the world economy.

Specialist rescue equipment under qualifying businesses for R&D

An award of £31k has been received by a company based in South Wales, specialising in developing equipment used in rescue and survival environments. Working with fire and rescue services across Europe, specialist flood rescue craft, decontamination units and refugee shelters are amongst the products developed during the latest qualifying period.

Precise claims for precision engineers with randd uk

A total of £67k has gone to a Leicestershire-based precision engineering company over the last three years. Their latest claim of £19k was earned as a result of developing ever more accurate ways to engineer very specialist machine parts used in a wide variety of engineering, from printing presses to Formula One.

Thanks to randd uk, another client can now see the R & D tax scheme clearly

Based in the North West, a specialist window company, who works with very old and frequently protected windows within listed buildings, has been awarded almost £4.5k to add to the £8.7k received a year earlier, bringing their total amount claimed to £13.2k. Developing ways to combine old window techniques with modern environmental requirements is at the centre of this company’s innovative and highly bespoke business. Here at randd uk we could clearly see through what the client did in terms of R&D and were able to compile a successful claim.

First time claimers welcome here at randd uk

A Mansfield-based developer of internal accessories for cars, vans and off-road vehicles has been awarded £31k for its first R&D Tax Credits claim. Unaware of the scheme and unsure of whether the company qualified for the scheme, randd uk assimilated what the company did and subsequently led it through the claim process until the amount promised was firmly secured.

A second claim of over £10K for a Hull-based client

A claim of just under £13k has gone the way of a Hull based sheet metal company, bringing their total claimed to just over £24k. Developing unique and bespoke metal products to be used in game hatcheries has been at the centre of their latest developments, all possible and funded by the successful claims led by randd uk.

‘Elevating’ another client to new heights thanks to R&D

Based in Greater Manchester, a specialist lift company has earned £39k from the Tax Credits Scheme bringing their total claim worth to a substantial £84k in just two years. Working in old buildings and with ocean going cargo vessels, the company is bringing new technology to old lifts in which they specialise. randd uk has helped them to elevate their company’s R&D work to a significant level within its operations.

‘Lighting up’ another client’s day with a successful first-time claim

Based in Sheffield, a specialist audio-visual company that works with clients in the entertainment and visitor attraction fields, has earned over £9k from the Tax Credits Scheme. Developing exciting solutions to lighting at some of the UK’s best-known tourist venues has been central to the successful claim, which was collated and managed by randd uk.

Just under £0.5 Million gained by a single randd uk client

An award of £96k means that a Greater Manchester-based electronics engineering company has earned just under £500,000 in just the last three years from the R&D Tax Credits Scheme. Working in areas such as oil & gas, cruise liners and power generation, the company specialises in delivering electronic control solutions in extremely complex environments and the rewards that randd uk has helped the company extract means they are ever more willing to innovate and take development risks in a bid to win ever more business right across the world.

Introducing new clients can leave an extra £10k in their pocket

A Cheshire-based software developer has received £10k from its second R&D Tax Credits Claim to add to a similar amount from its first claim. This client specialises in developing complex back-office software for a wide variety of end-users, this became the heart of the company’s claims and the work carried out by them was quickly identified by randd uk as being compatible with the scheme, which was unknown to the client before the two organisations got together.

randd uk ‘brightens’ up another client’s day with a successful R&D claim

A small, Mansfield-based bespoke developer of specialist LED based shop-fittings has been awarded just under £6k for its first R&D Tax Credits claim. As well as developing unique fittings for a variety of end-users, the company specialises in developing ways of diffusing light to maximise the efficacy of displays. The company clearly saw the light when it first linked up with randd uk who handled the claim on behalf of the client.

£130k gained by randd uk for another happy client

Based in Sheffield, this non-destructive test house has just received another claim of £53k, thanks to its ongoing development work in ultrasonic and radiographic testing regimes. This additional claim now brings their total amount received to a huge £130K. This was made possible by the company’s constant pushing of the boundaries for ever more accurate and reliable testing methods, due to randd uk’s easy and low hassle method of dealing with and gaining claims, its relationship with this company is totally solid and without any flaws.

randd uk: recycling old work into new cash

A Nottinghamshire-based engineering company, specialising in developing machinery used in a wide variety of recycling tasks, has been awarded £76k for its latest R&D Tax Credits claim. This latest claim now takes the company’s total in claims to over £160k for the last three years. Whether recovering metals from incinerator waste or extracting value from vehicle recycling, the company’s link with randd uk has enabled development and innovation work to grow substantially.

Innovation leads to over 3/4 of a million claimed by Birmingham company

randd uk has managed to secure a single cash award of over £250,000 for an engineering company based in Birmingham. Over the past few years, this exciting and innovative company has now been awarded over £750,000 for their development projects.

Sitting pretty on an extra £48.5k for bespoke furniture specialist

A Leicestershire-based bespoke furniture specialist are the latest in randd uk’s long list of successful clients, with £48.5k nicely tucked in their back pocket, thanks to us here at randd uk. This company is recognised as being one of the finest manufacturers of furniture in the UK and national publications regularly feature their work. The quality of the products, matched with the eloquence of design, ensures commissions throughout the UK and overseas. They take pride that their clients can rely upon the superior quality of their work whilst needing to be ‘value for money’ competitive. Having built up a highly skilled team of development engineers and technicians, they achieve the finest products enhanced with the finish that only trained cabinetmaker craftsmen can provide.

Quarter of a million claimed by a single randd uk client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £50k for a company based in Leicestershire. The company has continually achieved high standards of excellence in sub-contract engineering. They provide a total quality service to their customers and have done this through improving versatility and developing comprehensive manufacturing processes. Their principal areas of work are in:

  • the medical equipment and food processing industry;
  • ‘point of sale’ design houses;
  • mechanical handling equipment suppliers;
  • the electrical and electronic systems’ industry; and
  • in a variety of OEM manufacturers.

Total claimed £261k.