New bulletin: 13/02/2019

£390K and counting for one Warwickshire client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £26k for a company based in Warwickshire. The company specialises in training, support and the development of specific stand-alone and client tailored applications in SolidWorks, a 3D mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) program. Their development and implementation of completely novel design solutions to a range of software, organisational and SolidWorks CAD problems requires expertise in a number of key disciplines. These include pure mathematics, computer aided engineering and software development and implementation. They have devised operational systems both as stand-alone commercial products, but also in tandem with specific clients tailoring the product and application to their needs. The company has worked to satisfy requirements in terms of product design, architecture, performance and cost effectiveness and is constantly engaged in iterative research, development and testing to achieve these goals. Total claimed £390k.

£91k for a randd uk customer

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for almost £91k for a company based in Yorkshire. The company specialises in providing new and innovative solutions to transmission problems through the development of transmission systems and the required components, such as gearboxes, in order to achieve more efficient, lower energy consuming prime movement mechanisms. They are a progressive independent company specialising in the repair and reconditioning of all types of industrial transmission systems including gearboxes, pumps and industrial blowers.

What would you do with £120K?

Well, randd uk has done it again and secured a massive £120k in just one claim for a local engineering company. Located in Nottingham, our client prides themselves on British manufacturing and skilled fabrication of metalwork, which is installed throughout the UK and abroad for industrial, commercial and residential environments. The company constantly seeks new and innovative ways to incorporate new technology and materials into their work, creating bespoke solutions to satisfy needs.

£50k in another customers back pocket, all thanks to randd

Here at randd uk, the success never ceases. We have just managed to bag a £50k claim for a company based in the south west of England. Set up in Dorset in the mid 1990’s by a number of research scientists, the company’s focus is to produce materials and equipment to both utilise ultrasonic techniques for medical applications (for example, to eradicate cancer cells in human organs such as the liver and kidneys), as well as inspecting the foetuses of expectant mothers. The company has always been at the forefront of development in this industry and are recognised globally as leaders in their field. In recent years, they have developed their business into producing equipment to undertake non-destructive testing procedures using ultra sonic techniques.

The field that the company operates in is a very specialist science which is becoming more and more important. In order to stay at the forefront, they must continually develop new techniques, equipment with materials and software programmes to overcome new challenges and extend the usage of ultrasonic techniques into diverse areas.

We’ve been winning claims for our clients year after year!

Over £50k in R&D tax credits was awarded to a Yorkshire-based machine manufacturer, thanks to randd. This is their second consecutive claim with us: last year we delivered a claim of £60k, bringing their grand total to £110k in their pocket. The company started in Brighouse, Yorkshire in 1989. Initially the company was involved in the design and supply of lighting equipment for roads and street lighting. The surrounding area across the Pennines was initially known for valve manufacturing to support the textile industry, so consequently, valve knowledge existed in the area. Although relatively small, our client has built a sound reputation in valves for instrumentation, where they are positioned at the higher quality end of the market with an extensive range of valves with a good reputation for performance and reliability.

Another measurable success for randd uk

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £21k for a company based in Leicestershire. The company develops leading-edge metrology technology, and their work includes rapid scanning of large assemblies, together with a range of measurement solutions for a broad range of applications in diverse industries throughout the world. Total claimed £81k.

It’s always a green light for your claim with randd uk

randd uk is at it again! This time winning a Nottingham-based company a huge £209k. This company develops manufactured equipment for installations and directly specify equipment designs and developments with a speciality in transport infrastructure and achieving leading edge communications systems for traffic management. This has involved them in a wide range of specialist contracting services to support the successful delivery of major infrastructure projects throughout the UK. As a leading supplier and installer of street lighting, traffic signs, signals, communication systems and associated civil engineering, they have also played a key role in the development of project design and build-ability whilst working strategically within a wide range of contractual arrangements.

Put randd uk to the test and you could walk away with £53k as well…

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £53k for a company based in Yorkshire. The company is a leading enabler of manufacturing processes and through constant improvement and development of systems, utilising the latest technology, has become one of the UK’s leading material testing companies. The company offers a comprehensive range of Non-Destructive Testing, Mechanical Testing, Metallurgical Testing and Training that can be carried out in house or alternatively at the Customers’ own site. Total claimed £130k.

Bringing home the bacon to a Yorkshire pig farming company

randd uk has recovered a £160k tax rebate for a Yorkshire pig farmer! Proof that R&D comes in many shape and forms, even for our four-legged friends. Actually, the company specialises in the development, manufacturing and installation of ‘intelligent’ pig farming equipment. It seems that some pigs are more equal than others!

What would you do with an extra £30K? One randd uk customer can now find out…

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £29k for a company based in the Midlands. They specialise in providing a comprehensive range of reactive and planned mechanical engineering services to a broad and diverse range of industry sectors including; Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Energy & Utilities, Facilities Management, Food & Beverage, Metal Making & Processing, Mining, Paper & Transport. Largely involved in heavy engineering projects they have developed a reputation for being able to solve the most difficult problems in their chosen sector. randd uk’s total now claimed for this client is over £132,000.

Our 100% record sees no sign of lowering

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £89k for a company based in Gloucestershire. The company has extensive experience of designing and manufacturing bespoke special purpose automated production and computer controlled test equipment. They also provide bespoke complex engineering solutions to a wide variety of industrial sectors. The total randd uk has now successfully claimed for this client is over £190,000.

£154k for one client, thanks to randd uk

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £53k for a company based in Derbyshire. The company is a high-growth, hi-tech manufacturing operation working with major aerospace companies, leading F1 teams, motorsport, luxury automotive, oil and gas industry and other high-tech industries. The company strategic positioning is to provide for the future needs of advanced manufacturing by discovery of and responsiveness to industry’s future needs and the development of processes that fulfil those needs.  This positions them at the leading edge of research commercialisation. Building upon an established machining technology capability, they have subsequently pursued opportunities to extend their services in the specialist machining and manufacture of composite carbon and glass fibre components. Total now claimed for this client, thanks to randd uk, is now over £154,000.

Everything but the kitchen sink…

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £57k for a company based in South Yorkshire. The company develops their own bespoke equipment for clients, such as counters, appliances, refrigeration units, kitchen suites, etc.  Every job the company does is bespoke, meeting the client’s requirements through innovation and skilled engineering.

Another £35K in our client’s pockets

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £35k for a company based in South Yorkshire. This company offers specialised services to industry, in the fabrication and installation of all kinds of pipe-work and structural products, in a wide and varied range of materials, from carbon steel to high nickel alloys. In addition to the range of carbon steel and stainless-steel materials, they have the experience and expertise to manufacture in a wide range of specialist materials, such as chrome molybdenum, Inconel, Incoloy, cupro-nickel, aluminium and Hastelloy. The company provides its clients in the power generation, petrochemical, incineration, oil and gas, process engineering and safety environments with products of reputable quality and reliability that their particular discipline requires.

Another £30K in the pocket of a loyal randd client

randd uk has secured another cash award for our client today of over £30k. This company has now received around £150k in tax rebates over the past few years. They specialise in the development and manufacturing of oil and air filters for heavy-industrial use, with an impressive list of globally-known customers.

A further £70k for West Midlands metal forger

Forging a relationship with a West Midlands metal forger has brought about a second successful R&D Tax Credits claim, with over £70,000 to add to the first claim for over £160,000. Developing new processes to reduce energy usage and improve product quality are central to this innovative company’s successes, and their strengthening relationship with randd uk allows for ever more innovation to take place.