New bulletin: 12/01/2019

Paper cash for plastic components

randd uk has done it again and secured another R&D tax credit claim for £45k for a Midlands-based company. The company offers engineering support, machinery servicing and deals with equipment breakdowns on the automotive side of the plastics industry. The company also helps companies to develop more robust processes for manufacturing plastic components which would be more efficient, less prone to costly breakdowns and which would produce less waste. This now means that the total amount of money they have been given to put back into their company is a grand total claim £137k.

And it’s a hat trick for randd uk

A third successful claim of almost £29,000 means that a rapidly expanding London based visual effect company has now been awarded over £90,000 in total from the R&D Tax Credits scheme. Developing complex software to cope with ever more demanding requests from TV & Film producers together with the rapid technological expansions in these fields. No camera tricks regarding the claim though, just a good rapport between randd and the client and outcome is real cash!

A Hampshire-based construction & engineering company has been awarded yet another six-figure reward from the R&D Tax Credits scheme. This year’s award is for £114,000 and follows similar returns from the last few years that enables the company, who specialise in huge civil engineering projects, to develop ever new techniques to improve processes and products as well as developing make and install methods that reduce time and improve health & safety conditions in both the factory and on-site. The client and randd have built a relationship as strong as any of the construction projects the client has been involved in.

Not quite Robin Hood, but we do a lot of good

Working at height safety system developments are amongst the work carried out by a small Nottingham-based company that has secured an R&D Tax Credits claim worth 0ver £11,000 to add to last year’s first claim of over £22,000. Safety is at the heart of everything the company does and they couldn’t be in safer hands for compiling their claim than by using randd uk.

Over a quarter of a million given back

Over £270,000 has been returned to a Leicester-based furniture developer and manufacturer from their two successful R&D Tax Credits claims to date. Turning imaginative, ergonomic designs into stylish, practical items by developing processes for manufacturing using a variety of materials in a myriad of shapes has stood this client in good stead; make sure your business looks good by maximising your claims and shaping your future by partnering with randd uk.

£87k in the pocket of a South Yorkshire company

This company has claimed with us at randd uk multiple times for the simple fact they are successful 100% of the time. We have just managed to put another £87k in their pockets, which now brings their total amount in claims to a huge £302k. The company is at the forefront in providing seal design, development, manufacture and distribution to numerous industries around the world, utilising the latest materials and production technology.

They develop product solutions for the full range of potential applications and ranges to include:

  • Subsea to high altitude/low pressure
  • Interfacing fluid/fluid, fluid/gas and gas/gas
  • Sterile to aggressive corrosive environments
  • Operating at -196°C and in the whole range to +150°C

£276K for Leicestershire-based company

The first two claims for an animal feeds supplement manufacturer have earned the Leicestershire-based company in excess of £276,000. Experts at developing supplements that improve milk yields in dairy cattle, improve fertility and reduce disease are at the centre of randd uk’s clients’ development work. The success with R&D Tax Credits scheme has enabled the company to innovate even more at a time when dairy farming needs every extra bit of help possible.

£18K for Chesterfield client

Based in Chesterfield, this sports ground developer is a dab hand at developing its own specialist machinery to carry out their tasks quicker and more efficiently. Once randd uk planted the idea of the tax credits scheme, the relationship grew and the claim soon came to fruition leaving the client with more than £18,000 to enable even more research and development to blossom.

First claim of £26K for Manchester client

For the first time, Manchester-based public address developer and installer can now tell all that it received over £26,000 in tax credits thanks to randd uk’s guidance. This small company was unaware of the scheme but, with an extremely tight deadline, was handheld through the process and they can now confirm that everything was wired up quickly and efficiently and they can announce their success.

A further £82K for marine engineering firm

A Northamptonshire-based international marine engineer has sailed away with over £82,000 from their second R&D Tax Credit claim to add to the £94k received from the scheme last year. Specialising in developing railings, gates and transoms for some of the most prestigious yachts and cruisers on the oceans, randd uk launched the process, steered the client through the best route and arrived at the destination that released the treasure.

Another success for randd uk!

Due to the work our experienced staff have done over the previous weeks, randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £60k for a company based in Warwickshire. The company has been at the forefront of metal perforating technology and the manufacturing of perforated products for over 65 years.

With a track record of high quality products, innovative solutions and exceptional levels of customer service, they have established themselves as one of Europe’s leading perforators.
The company services markets and customers in automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dairy and agriculture, construction, acoustics, aerospace, white goods, filtration, HVAC, marine, printing, street furniture, domestic and office goods. Key products containing their perforated products include filtration, exhaust systems, acoustics, conveyors, grilles, vents, screens, ducting, covers, decoration, microwave and EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference) radiation containment.

£60K for a Nottinghamshire client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £60k for a company based in Nottinghamshire, making the total we’ve claimed thus far over £343,000. The company manufactures tooling for the production of bottles and jar containers in PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and a growing range of polymer resins for the Home and Personal Care, Food and Beverage, and Healthcare markets. It aims to be a catalyst for customer brand growth. Their specialist expertise in Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM) machine mould tooling enables them to offer prototypes, material selection trials, product colour and clarity trials, and production tool validation.

£465K for Bedfordshire firm

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £58k for a company based in Bedfordshire. The company specialises in the development and manufacture of cabinets, racks and enclosures for IT, telecoms and data storage equipment. The use of IT and telecoms continues to grow in everyday working environments. The company identified the need for sophisticated types of storage to address increased heat, noise and operating costs associated with the larger volumes of IT equipment used in modern business. Total now successfully claimed: £465k.

A further £48k for Gloucestershire client

randd uk has delivered another R&D tax credit claim for £48k for a company based in Gloucestershire. The company performed electro plating services for other component manufacturers before moving into component manufacture of umbrella furniture. They went from single operation equipment to banks of transfer presses. As more manufacturing was moving overseas to low cost countries, the company continued to invest in more and more transfer presses to extend the application of the processes to suit other components such as hose ferrules for the Automotive Industry. As the manufacture of hose ferrules transferred abroad, the company used its engineering expertise to apply the technology of deep draw pressing to a variety of commercial product applications such as battery cans and pen components. Total claimed for this client is now over £305k.

£230K for point of sale firm

A second six-figure claim has taken a Leicester-based company’s total claims to almost £230,000; developing high-end point of sale solutions for prestigious retailers around the world has been the stand-out element of the company’s development work. Without doubt the success of the company within the R&D Tax Credits arena perfectly displays the abilities of randd uk, just like the clients’ displays which show off some of the planet’s best known brands.

Over £250K for Leicester-based client

A Leicester-based baby products developer has seen its R&D claims total pass £250,000, having successfully claimed £102k from its latest claim. The development of innovative baby strollers represents much of this family owned company’s work in this field; developing a link with randd uk has seen the claims stroll through the process with ease and the company continues to push on with ever more developments.

A further £40k for Nottinghamshire-based client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £40k for a Nottinghamshire-based company. The company provides compression mask shielding for those elements of gas turbine components which require protection during surface treatments. They have world leading expertise in a niche product range that mainly serves the aerospace and power generation sectors worldwide. The primary products are in mask shielding to protect areas during manufacture and protective packaging for use during transportation and between manufacturing processes. Total claimed £111k.