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£84k awarded to three clients

Author: Gareth Smyth

Yorkshire business brings in a successful claim of £2,100. 

This company sell cosmetics and personal care products and over recent years have branched out into new sectors including the railway industry. Within these areas, the company have advanced their R&D through design work, prototyping and on-site trialling.

Their products are comprehensively bespoke and unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the market. What’s more, the firm’s technical breakthroughs have satisfied customer needs through the innovative work they carry out.

Successful claim of £14,700 for Nottingham based business, bringing their total claim size to £68,900.

Well established within the gas industry, this company produce technological products which regulate the flow of liquids and gasses. The firm specialises in designing, developing and servicing industrial dampers.

They also develop the complex, intelligent computer systems used to control them. The firm use R&D extensively when creating bespoke products and systems which require huge amounts of testing and redevelopment.

First claim of £12,500 for South Yorkshire firm.

The business uses the latest technology and machinery to develop high quality and cost-effective furniture. Their products are used in education, commercial, public and residential sectors which include student & key worker accommodation.

This reputable company often develops bespoke solutions and seeks to maximise limited space whilst offering flexibility, longevity and value for money. The firm have to constantly innovate to ensure their products are safe in many different environments.

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