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£842k Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Greater Manchester-based IT consultancy firm awarded £20k in first claim

The company was founded on the principles of delivering a no-stone-unturned, professional IT service – at a fair and agreed price.  The company has a core belief in “doing it ourselves”, and not simply reselling another company’s services. The company value independence, choosing the best solutions for the intended purpose. Whilst they have partner status with several blue-chip suppliers.

  1. Yorkshire-based education consultancy service received £20k

The company is a guardianship service provider and placement organisation. They act as guardians to international students studying in the UK, arranging accommodation with caring English homestay families whilst the students are studying in the UK. They also offer an education consultancy service dedicated to placing international students in the best schools in the UK.

  1. Nottinghamshire-based roads and motorways construction company awarded £23k

The company are a specialist manufacturer of construction sector highways and infrastructure projects throughout the UK to the public and commercial sectors. The company has a culture of innovation throughout their organisation. They are continually working on improving their production facilities as well as investing in their staff and expertise. The company are regularly required to build prototypes for specific projects, often repeatedly made and redesigned in order to meet the technical demands of a job. They now have a dedicated team of skilled engineers and designers to help overcome the technical uncertainties that they face.

  1. West Midlands-based precision engineering firm received £112k

The company have operated from Birmingham for over 30 years and currently occupies modern works at two sites in Aston. They supply complete precision engineering solutions to markets such as aerospace, defence, motorsport, petrochemical, electrical and medical, optical, nuclear and other demanding industries. The activities that the company undertake touch on some of the most complex and demanding engineering sectors and frequently require the company to develop technologically challenging solutions both in product development and process development and they are continually asked to advance the boundaries of what is possible with engineering technologies.

  1. Yorkshire-based wholesaler of sandwiches awarded £28k

Incorporated in 2000, the company is the UK’s largest independent wholesale sandwich producer; its mission is to provide excellence in service, quality, variety, freshness, food safety and tasty convenience. The company thrives on innovation and keeps up to date with the ever-changing food and packaging trends, labelling laws, sustainability, and consumer buying preferences on an ongoing basis.

  1. Nottinghamshire-based manufacturer of industrial storage systems received £168k

Established in 1994, the company specialises in the development, manufacture, and installation of innovative storage solutions for a fast-moving consumer goods client base. The company’s premises are supported by professional ICT management systems, CAD technology, a sophisticated manufacturing plant and experienced on-site teams to ensure that successful and cost-effective storage equipment and storage solutions are always achieved.

  1. Leicestershire-based business software company awarded £266k

Founded in 2017, the company have developed an end-to-end SaaS (software as a service) rebate and price management tool. The software is effectively a web-based platform to help businesses gain control of rebate and price management quickly. Working in software, the company are at the forefront of technology, there is an endemic culture of research and innovation in the company. The company are working to push their SaaS model further, continuing to develop it, and helping other businesses save time and money using its pioneering solution.

  1. Nottingham-based bespoke engineering firm received £149k

Incorporated in 2001, the company provides expertise to manufacturing and process industries in the fields of mechanical handling, process control, steelwork fabrication, metal recycling and material separation techniques. Most of the developments engineered by the company are bespoke or few-off items that require significant levels of engineering concepts and skills to come together to develop state-of-the-art machines, ever increasing in the recycling field.

  1. London-based comparison website for watch and jewellery repairs awarded £18k in first claim

Established in 2020, the company provide a solution that would solve many more of the problems experienced in this industry. One platform, that could help customers easily find and compare watch and jewellery repairs whilst simultaneously helping jewellery and repair shops win and manage more jobs. Overall, the company want to make watch and jewellery repairs accessible, transparent, and fairly priced for customers, and help their RPAIR Shop community win more business; manage their repair business using automation; and help them create a better customer experience.

  1. Nottinghamshire-based fabrics company received £36k

Incorporated in 1981, the family-owned company works predominantly in the sports, automotive, medical and fashion markets, developing and producing high-performance fabrics to suit demanding situations, selling its fabric to other businesses rather than to the public.  The company employs highly skilled people and works with specially selected third-party sub-contractors, particularly in the areas of yarn dyeing and finishing to develop new, specialist performance fabrics for its many and varied clients.

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