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£839k Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. West Midlands based mechanical engineering firm awarded £51k

The company specialises in providing a comprehensive range of reactive and planned mechanical engineering services to a broad and diverse range of industry sectors. Due to the growth of the automation sector within the Midlands the company updated their skill set. The company developed a reputation for being able to solve the most difficult problems in their chosen sector. These projects range from finding totally new solutions for new problems to re-engineering very old plant to either maintain function or making it safer and more efficient. The company has been involved in more than twenty R&D projects, not all of which have reached a satisfactory conclusion.

  1. Leicestershire based hand-made products company received £71k taking total claims to £518K over nine years

Founded in 1977 and incorporated into its present form in 1980, the company has grown to be a well-established business that develops and manufactures high quality hand-made products, specialising in English Pewter. The company’s imaginative, high-quality work and products earned them the attention of some influential and high-profile clients. The company has developed and become better known around the World, whilst it maintains its traditional low-run business, they are now frequently asked to produce quantities up to 250,000 and in 2017, it moved to new, larger premises which enabled the company to establish lean manufacturing techniques and improved ergonomics that could not be incorporated in its previous, extremely cramped premises.

  1. Loughborough based analytical modelling industry consultancy awarded £98k

The company is a privately-owned analytical modelling industry consultancy, centred on work UK wide and specialising in building models and developing tools to support evidence-based decision making. The company take a fresh, objective approach to clients’ major challenges and goals, gathering client knowledge and combining with its own expertise to deliver cost-efficient, evidence-based solutions developed to reduce risk and deliver long term value and competitive advantage to support tactical, operational, and strategic decision making.


  1. West Midlands steel toll processor company £22k

The company are the UK’s largest independent Steel Toll Processor. Their main areas of the plant include a Coil Pickling Line; SCS Line; Decoiling Line; Slitting Line; and Laser Bay.  The company’s excellent processing facilities include three Slitting lines, two Decoiling lines, a Coil Pickling line, a Blanking Line, and the UK’s only Coil Recovery Line and reaffirms the company’s position as the complete “one stop steel shop” in recent years the company has made a significant investment in laser services.

  1. Nottinghamshire based manufacturing firm received £54k

Established in 1980, the company develops, manufactures, and installs bespoke retail interiors, specialising in highly demanding and technically challenging luxury brands, such as Chanel, Dior, and Michael Kors. The company has extensive manufacturing facilities to produce most material types and jointing systems, including state-of-the-art CNC machining, an in-house spray shop and prototype building capabilities. The company is highly skilled in working with a wide range of materials.

  1. London based R&D company awarded £17k in first claim

The company is a Research & Development company formed by professionals who have vast experience in the fields of agricultural and electronic research. In the present economic and climatic environment, scarce natural resources, especially water, is wasted in large quantities. And combined with changing weather patterns, drought-like conditions arise adding to the global climate change issue. The company focuses on developing products that enhance agricultural initiatives, are economical to manufacture, and within the financial capacity of farmers in developing countries to afford.

  1. Gloucestershire engineering firm received £19k taking total claims to £203k

The company operates almost exclusively as a R&D facility which provides highly specialised, one-off prototypes and bespoke complex engineering solutions to a wide variety of industrial sectors. The company has highly specialist expertise and extensive experience of designing and manufacturing bespoke special purpose automated production and computer-controlled test equipment.

  1. Basingstoke based automation and control company awarded £40k

Incorporated in 1991, the company is an established UK based systems integrator providing industrial automation and control systems, software, support, and maintenance services. Within a complex and often changing industrial world. The company has built a reputation for innovative and high-quality service, processes, and products. Their success is based on many years of experience to provide the ability to break down complex specialist problems by being flexible and using a multi-disciplined approach.


  1. Wiltshire based joinery company received £380k in first R&D claim

With a proven 50-year track record as a trustworthy, reliable partner, the company delivers all aspects of specialist joinery manufacture and installation, interior fitouts, and construction. The company develops solutions from design development to on-time, on-budget completion. A joined-up service to carry your project forward and create something inspirational and thriving on the unusual and complex.

  1. West Midlands based structural steelwork company awarded £86k taking total claims to £941k

The company was established in 1922 to offer industry a new solution to corrosion problems on structural steelwork and has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of thermal spraying equipment. The Company are the only UK developer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of a full range of metal spraying equipment and consumables, such as Arcspray, Flamespray, Plasma, HVOF and Automated Spraying systems. More than two-thirds of the company’s products are shipped overseas, and environments with extreme weather conditions are key markets. An example is the awe-inspiring Burj Al Arab hotel on the Dubai Coast. Like a giant sail on the edge of the desert, this stunning structure is protected by metallisation from the high daytime temperatures and the corrosive forces of the sand and sea.

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