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£72k Awarded to Five Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. West Midlands based recycling and waste disposal company receives £15k for two years of R&D work

Incorporated in 2015, the company manage waste including free cardboard recycling, waste disposal and general waste tipping. The company’s goal is to reduce landfill and increase recycling through purpose-built recycling plants. The company can also handle general waste which is delivered direct to the facility for sorting and charged by weight. The company also accept metal, card, and paper for recycling.

  1. Nottinghamshire based metal fabrication company awarded £15k taking total claims to £38k

Formed in 2005 to service local businesses with a variety of metal fabrications and welding services, The company has developed a reputation among its customers for bespoke materials handling solutions tailored to applications. The company offers a service, often working from a client’s own drawings or can design and develop products from start to finish using the company’s own technical staff and the latest CAD programs. The company has an experimental approach to research and development, using their expertise and knowledge to produce prototypes and using trial and error to test procedures and processes.

  1. Chesterfield based pipeline leak sealing company receives £20k

Incorporated in 2005, the company specialises in pipeline leak sealing in areas such as steam, chemicals, water and oil. They work with leaks that have occurred and preventing leaks from occurring, developing systems to address a variety of client problems in a wide range of potential environments. The company benefits from an experienced team that is available every hour of every day and they seek to develop both short term and permanent solutions to leaks or potential leaks, one of only a handful of organisations capable of dealing with major industrial leaks.

  1. Worcestershire based housing developments company awarded £5k

Formed in 2016, the company is a housing development company for an architect that randd has previously assisted. The company uses new and innovative materials like polystyrene filled concrete and recycled paper as an alternative to standard materials. This signifies a move to use green materials but also save money and increase build speed to create more affordable housing.

  1. Scotland based catering equipment group receives £16k taking total claims to £123k

The Group has been established for over 23 years, by two professionals with high levels of experience within the sector. Within three years the company had developed an impressive portfolio including nursing home kitchens, as well as fitting out small butchers’ shops, bakers, and delis. The company is reliant on external technology, and so started to reinvest into expertise, taking on refrigeration and catering engineers, as well as more skilled fabricators. This allowed the company to develop their own bespoke equipment for clients, such as extraction systems, refrigeration units and kitchen suites.

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