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£692K Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Yorkshire-based manufacturing firm awarded £33k in first claim

The company is a family-owned company was founded in 1951, with a proud history and a great team of people supplying precision gauging solutions to some of the most demanding specifications. An ongoing commitment to product and process improvement has kept our company at the forefront of the gauging industry where YPG product quality, product range and delivery are unsurpassed.

  1. Derbyshire-based engineering company received £113k

Established in 1997 the company provides engineering and site services to companies throughout the UK and Europe. The company has specialisms in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, stainless steel fabrication, sheet metal work, spiral welding, and pipework installation. Much of the company’s recent investment and growth is directly attributable to previously successful R&D Tax Credits claims. It invests a good proportion of management time and effort in the development of new products and processes with several new long-term projects being invested in seeking to achieve functional, reliable, and durable new products.

  1. Leicestershire-based baby products company awarded £143k taking total claims to £983k

Incorporated in 1999, the family-owned company has used previously successful R&D tax credits claims as a major driving force in confidence for expansion and significant levels of research and development continue to be carried out in what is a very competitive but changing worldwide marketplace. Having a very short chain of command is seen as a huge advantage in a marketplace that demands change on a regular basis, and the company seeks to use that advantage to the full, whether that is for improving existing products, developing new ones or diversification into new product lines or markets or distribution channels.

  1. London-based ventilation company received £21k in first claim

The company provides a wide breadth of innovative, high-quality ventilation and heat recovery solutions to the domestic market in the UK with several thousand projects completed nationwide. The company ensures its knowledge of the various systems and solutions is second to none through continual investment in its own learning and in its relationships with Europe’s leading manufacturers.

  1. London-based real estate software company awarded £67k in first claim

The company is a marketplace software platform that allows its users to advertise and list items for rent rather than for sale. The system has an eBay style approach and is a modern and secure Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud platform. Specialising in web portals the company is innovating the approach to additional income revenue, coined as a ‘side hustle’, enabling the public to rent their wares instead of simply selling them.

  1. Norfolk-based building company received £70k in first claim

The company specialises in working on one-off residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. A large part of their focus is on projects that require planning consent through the National Planning Policy Framework (Paragraph 80), that emphasises sustainable development in green-belt areas. All projects are designed to be highly functional, tailored with modern living in mind, and come with a 10-year building warranty. The company demands and ensures exacting construction practices and craftsmanship are employed in all phases of the project build.

  1. Gloucestershire-based health and safety company awarded £38k taking total claims to £203k

Incorporate in 2016 the company is a true innovator engaged in a combination of scientific R&D and internationally recognised testing at each stage of development, across diverse sectors to protect people and places. The company strive through continuous investment into R&D projects to develop leading-edge safety technology that is making a major contribution to improving the capabilities of UK plc and industry throughout the world.

  1. Nottinghamshire-based consultancy firm received £186k

The company provides their clients with proactive, supportive and ‘hands-on’ experience to enable them to successfully deliver all stages of development, regeneration, property and construction-related projects. The company can professionally manage the complete supply chain of construction materials and terminals to improve their performance and the cost management and transparency of terminals. This approach allows them to support and deliver anything from large-scale transformational projects to specialist initiatives.

  1. Berkshire-based building inspection company awarded £12k in first claim

With over 35 years of experience, the company provides a full range of structural repairs and building renovation solutions for commercial, industrial and residential customers. The company have a range of solutions for all aspects of damp from rising damp to penetrating damp. The company’s larger works that they undertake include underpinning, crack stitching, piling, waterside repairs, ground anchor systems, concrete levelling and leak seal repairs.

  1. Lincolnshire-based hardware and software company received £6k in first claim

The company is based in the UK and is dedicated to providing world-class hardware and software systems for modern law enforcement and military environments. The team behind the company draws on a mixed military and commercial background and experience in developing and delivering firearms training simulators to military and law enforcement organisations across the world.

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