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£661k Awarded to Eight Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Wales based construction company awarded £109k in first claim

Incorporated in 2010, the company specialises in residential and commercial construction and property development. They specialise in turnkey construction packages throughout North Wales and the Northwest. They serve private, commercial, agricultural, and local authority clients. They also offer a full range of Architect services, including planning applications and building regulation drawings, ensuring compliance with building control while adhering to customer specifications.

  1. Oxfordshire based engineering company received £102k

The company is a buildings engineering company that specialises in the development, refurbishment, and fitting out of scientific, commercial, industrial, and other work environments. The company’s projects require complex and bespoke solutions to build new or convert existing spaces for cutting-edge research-led activities. The company integrates design and modelling development to innovate specialist engineering solutions for highly scientific and/or technical requirements that allow for flexible work spaces, expand space utilisation, improve efficiency and energy saving, and enhance sustainability.

  1. Nottinghamshire based computer systems company awarded £19k

The company was established under this name in 2001 and has roots in the damper industry reaching back to 1965. A damper is a device that stops or regulates (‘dampens’) the gas or liquid flow inside a duct. Dampers come in many forms and often involve the use of a valve, blade, or series of blades to regulate flow. The Company specialises in designing, developing, and servicing industrial dampers. It also develops the complex, intelligent computer systems used to control them.

  1. Leicestershire based manufacturing company received £63k

For over 50 years, the company has been building their business, becoming one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of trade, professional and industrial equipment for various markets in both the UK and worldwide. The company are proud of their continued commitment to researching, developing, and manufacturing new products that are packed with a range of unique and innovative features that benefit their customers, regardless of environment, level of application, or level of use.

  1. London based architectural drawings company awarded £17k

The company was created in 2014 to form a creative, inventive, honest and collaborative architectural journey for residential and commercial customers. With a genuine passion for contemporary design and a wealth of architectural knowledge, the company listens to and interprets customer dreams into fresh and innovative ideas. The company identifies previously unrealised opportunities within an existing plan or a site to deliver exciting and achievable proposals.

  1. London based ventilation company received £78k

The company is at the forefront of ventilation technology. The company provides a wide breadth of innovative, high-quality ventilation and heat recovery solutions to the domestic market in the UK with several thousands of projects completed nationwide. The company is a leader in the mechanical heat recovery ventilation and demand control ventilation sector in the UK. The company is dedicated to delivering complete sustainable ventilation solutions for customers, saving hard-earned cash and scarce resources.

  1. Buckinghamshire based accountancy software company awarded £268k taking total claims to £908k

The company was founded in 2009 with the goal of developing the most innovative technology for accountants to prepare and manage their work in the accounting practice. Over the years, this has continued to evolve, and the company took the decision to look at the UK as a broader market. This was down to the discovery that many accountants in the UK are not as highly automated as they are in Australia, and still operate manual processes.

  1. Nottinghamshire based poly moulding company received £5k

The company’s partner companies create poly-mouldings, primarily for the aerospace industry, and the tooling to achieve these. The company continues to make its customers’ processes more efficient where coatings need to be applied to exactingly specified areas of components. It has also extended its scope into the protection of products during manufacture and for the prevention of accidental damage.

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