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£627K Awarded to Nine Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Chesterfield based steel fabrication company awarded £29k taking total claims to £43k

For nearly 25 years the company has been one of the leading steel fabrication providers, which has enabled them to develop an enviable client list including Billington Structures, Bowmer & Kirkland, MMD and Don Valley Engineering. The company specialise in working to tight deadlines without compromising on quality. The company have their own in-house qualified RWC who can develop, qualify, and put into place any specific welding procedures that a new project may require.

  1. Nottinghamshire based pond and aquatics company receives £14k

The company was formed in the late 1990’s and incorporated in 2006. The company supplies many different garden and aquatic centres throughout the country and many of them sell packages where buyers can purchase the pond and the pond safety system together, making things easier for the customer. The success of the company’s pond safety system grid led the company to move into seeking to source and subsequently develop and manufacture similar grid products for use in other environments such as driveway grids or event grids, which use recycled materials wherever possible to meet a wide variety of potential needs in the marketplace.

  1. West Yorkshire based tool maker and precision engineering company awarded £15k

Originally established in 1984, the company startes as a general engineering and metal pressings company that provided manufacturing and engineering consultancy services across industry sectors. In 2000, the company expanded their service offerings to other industrial applications, including the manufacture of press tools, and precision engineering. This allowed the company to offer full-service solutions to clients from design, to tool manufacturing, and production. The company believes that up-front investment in research, development, and testing ‘proof of concept’ serves them well as a precursor to project wins, since it allows for improvements to be visualised first-hand.

  1. Cheshire based digital solution agency received £4k

Founded in 2008, the company is a leading full-service digital solution agency specialising in digital media strategies and providing proprietary tools for focused B2C industries. The company is a leading innovator within the automotive sales industry, enabling more seamless customer interaction, increased brand awareness and uplift in revenues through implementing innovative customer strategy and tools.

  1. Somerset based conservation building company awarded £15k

The company is a family-owned business that provides skills and expertise for heritage conservation using traditional materials and methods to produce bespoke new build projects. The nature of the work the company undertakes demands continuous improvements and awareness of new techniques and technologies that can help in devising practical solutions for the preservation of historic architecture.

  1. London based AI technologies company received £6k

The company is an independent, business that specialises in solving complex problems by combining machine learning with domain expertise – with particular emphasis on the oil & gas exploration and medical diagnostics industries. Modern applications use increasingly more data for modelling, solutions-building, and decision-making. The company understands there are no guarantees that solutions and innovations will necessarily lead to the retention of existing clients, let alone them being able to expand their client base. However, the increasingly greater adoption of AI technologies has led the company to use ‘proof of concept’ as a precursor to the solutions development process, since it allows advances to be visualised first-hand.

  1. Kent based publishing company awarded £10k

The company is a publishing company that specialises in managing the publication of education, legal and medical books and eBooks. Historically the company worked on the traditional projects of publishing paper books and the associated tasks to bring a book to print. Over the years the company has shifted their business to eBooks and invested in new technology to enable the formatting and publication on to multiple digital platforms. Recently the company has further optimized their platform to focus primarily on publishing legal eBooks in a manner that ensures 80% of job workflow is standardised thereby materially reducing repetitive work. This technical investment has led the company to provide a differentiated service for legal publishing houses and enhanced job profitability and timeliness.

  1. Electrical guitar manufacturer received £15k in first R&D claim

Formed in 1995, the company are a high-end brand who build electric guitars and basses for the ‘heavy metal’ market. Every one of their guitars are handmade in Japan by a master craftsman, using intelligent design that is based on the experience of world class, professional musicians. The company apply colours by hand, unique fingerboard inlays, and the best woods to ensure the highest quality functionality and aesthetics is achieved in every creation. At each step of the guitar’s progression, it goes through a rigorous quality process.

  1. West Midlands based engineering components awarded £517k taking total claims over ten years to £2.85m

Founded in 1976, the company specialised in the sale of bearings. The company rapidly established itself in the engineering supply market and increased its product portfolio to cover a wide range of engineering products. The company has several specialists who analyse customers present operating procedures and processes, then in conjunction with their colleagues and a range of specialist suppliers make recommendations as to how the operation can be improved in a cost-effective way.

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