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£626K Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Berkshire-based vintage inspired clothing and footwear company awarded £20k in first claim

The company was established in 1999, providing a range of vintage-style stockings which were sold through Camden Market and a website. Over the years this grew into a business designing and making wearable vintage lingerie for a modern market. The company work continually on minimising its carbon footprint, sourcing environmentally friendly fabrics, including using recycled yarn. In 2018, they introduced to using recycled plastic mailing bags and, in 2019, moved over to biodegradable mailing bags. They have developed their processes to use minimal packing to wrap their products, and the paper used for their magazine is sustainably sourced.

  1. Leicestershire-based precision taping and winding machines received £90k

Established in 1920, the company has seen a much-strengthened presence as a world-leading developer and manufacturer of precision taping and winding machines for the electrical and energy industries worldwide. Greatly increased numbers of employees, recruited at a time when many companies have been struggling, have been needed for an active growth in business enquiries and orders such that they have recently relocated back into larger premises.

  1. London-based financing solutions and asset management services provider awarded £79k

The company provide innovative financing solutions and asset management services for rolling stock and other rail infrastructure, helping transform rail travel for passengers, delivering better value for the public sector and supporting a more sustainable railway. Working in partnership with manufacturers, the company guide and shape the design process, ensuring the final product meets original specification and will work reliably and safely within UK infrastructure and regulations.

  1. Leicestershire-based shopfitters received £79k in first claim

With over 160 years of combined project management experience and a wealth of knowledge throughout the construction industry, their vision is to become the most dynamic interior company in the UK, offering a complete range of services across multiple sectors. The company initially delivered local shopfitting projects in the retail sector, later expanding and diversifying into the commercial and leisure sectors by providing a broad spectrum of services.

  1. West Midlands-based control systems company awarded £33k taking total claims to £718k

The company is one of the world’s leading providers of control and automation solutions. The company is heavily involved in the development of new products and manufacturing processes and has developed important partnerships with its customers who involve them in the early stages of their product development. Throughout the year the company has been involved in more than 20 Research and Development Projects some of which are continued from last year and some of which will be continued into next year.

  1. Cheshire-based educational administration software company received £38k

Established in 2013, the company is a leader in educational administration software, specifically in systems integration. Developing custom-integrated software designed for schools and educational authorities to facilitate data exchange and manage corporate responsibility.  The R&D team at the company now have a history of quality and has continued to develop and produce new software innovations to remain at the forefront of the sector.

  1. Leicestershire-based sub-contract engineering company awarded £80k

Established in 1980, the company has continually achieved excellence in sub-contract engineering involving the cutting, folding, fabrication and assembly of panelled equipment. The company continues to develop its capabilities to support its strategy of being a product development service to OEMs with the hope of winning the volume of orders.

  1. Yorkshire-based arable farm received £43k

The farm is owned and run by the family and employs sub-contractors and seasonal employees during the sowing and harvesting seasons. The land is well suited to grow potatoes as the main yield and there has been a substantial expenditure on buildings and crop storage over the last few years. The farm has been trialling new farming techniques and the use of its machinery.

  1. West Midlands-based printing company awarded £95k

The company is a full-service print and mailing services provider of print, postage, direct mail, hybrid mail, and other services that are fundamental to their clients’ customer outreach programmes. Given the competitive nature of the printing solutions industry, the company has a continuous programme of capital investment in advanced equipment and leverages its experience to develop innovative solutions for the challenges faced by their customers across multiple industries.

  1. Merseyside-based special-purpose machinery received £69k

The company is a family owned and managed business that has been established for over 25 years. Almost all the installations undertaken by the company are bespoke to satisfy the location and range of products which are being produced and served. Following significant investment in new equipment, the company is developing new production methods to produce components previously purchased from sub-contractors.

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