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£565k Awarded to Thirteen Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Yorkshire based engineering company receives £38k taking total claims to £64k over four years

The company began building and supplying refrigeration temperature alarm panels and control equipment in the early 1970s. During the 1990s the company expanded their product offerings to include refrigerant gas leak detection systems. The company has kept innovation at the heart of their operations, constantly producing new market offerings. The company works on a fixed contract basis for each project, each of which requires research, analysis, and development work prior to fitting and testing. New algorithms have to be built to help the automated cooling systems work optimally at every location. Post-installation, it takes 4-6 weeks of on-site systems testing to fine tune operating capabilities of the refrigeration control system.

  1. Warwickshire based digital marketing agency awarded £9k

The agency prides themselves on blending logic and creativity to produce a variety of content including podcasts, animation, websites, motion graphics and videos. In addition, to this the company also produces software which supports the briefing and allocating for marketing campaigns mainly for in store marketing materials such as point of sale printed materials.

  1. Yorkshire based manufacturing company receives £40k in R&D tax credits

The company specialise in turnkey projects, providing in house design, specialist joinery, manufacturing, and installation for projects in the retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors. The company have developed a nationwide portfolio of successful high end and prestige projects: from nationwide restaurant, retail and office contracts to exhibitions and developments within the historic Lowther Castle in Cumbria, to our most recent work in Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge. The company has established an excellent reputation by working collaboratively with their clients from their purpose-built manufacturing space and office suite.

  1. Leicestershire based electric motor repair company awarded £22k

The company specialise in comprehensive repair and rewind services for AC and DC electric motors and modules with associated operation and control, programme logic controlled (PLC) systems, pumps, fans, and geared units. The company’s commitment to the highest technical standards and quality control has earned them a solid reputation for solving problems using a fundamental first-principles approach. They are creative and inventive in finding solutions, and innovative in developing systems that achieve the best, often unique, solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.

  1. Derbyshire based wholesale company receives £47k in first R&D claim

Incorporated in 1990, the company are an industrial distributor, looking after customer services and products. After a period of assessment, it has been identified that sections of their work packages resonate with research and development activities and innovations that will continue to be explored. Over the years, the company has always been keen to add high quality products from major manufacturers to their range, they know this is what makes them the first choice for their loyal customers. From bearings to pneumatics, belts to hand tools, they partner with at least one of the global market leaders in each product category to ensure they always have the right solution, and they do not just sell those products, they stock them ready to ship and they offer in-house technical support.

  1. Bedfordshire based refuelling equipment company awarded £37k taking total claims to £238k

The company was incorporated in 1990 and supplies refuelling equipment internationally to major oil company users in the form of new and used refuelling vehicles. The company carries out installation works at airports in the form of storage tank supply, complete tank farm packages, mobile self-bunded storage and dispensing units plus any modifications or upgrades of existing facilities that may be required. Based on a background of sound engineering experience, the company has developed unique products to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of the complete fuel supply chain in the aviation industry. Following its first development of an improved Product Return Tank, used to remove contaminants from the fuel tanks, the company has progressed into the continuous development of a series of different products covering the whole spectrum of fuelling aircraft varying in size from single seaters to commercial jet liners.

  1. Leicestershire based motor radiators company receives £28k

Established in 2009, the company specialise in developing and building high-performance radiators and cooling systems for motor-racing teams. The company undertakes many lengthy development projects, requiring bespoke solutions, intense trialling and problem-solving, to win and satisfy customers through technological breakthroughs. With significant technological advances being made and being well-received by the industry, and this assures and motivates them to continue breaking new ground and taking risks with the investment of their resources, to perpetuate their reputation as innovators and create the growth and expansion of the company because of the company’s commitment to research and development.

  1. West Midlands based engineering company awarded £88k for two years of R&D work

The company works with some of the world’s largest corporations, supplying die castings tailor made to specification to customer requirements. The company strives to offer their customers value for money, whether it be tool design or die cast product. The standardisation of plant machinery provides contingency for high volume supply as well as capacity, and with in-house tool room, manufacture new tooling as well as offering a rapid tool conversion service to put into production any existing tooling which may require this.

  1. Basingstoke based engineering company receives £66k taking total claims to £107k

Established in 1998, the company initially specialised in the deep drilling and honing of complex high precision products evolving into the manufacture of cylinder liners and assembly of Formula 1 engine blocks. By the end of the 1990s, the company had expanded its expertise into the production of precision forged pistons. Constantly aligning to global automotive quality standards, quality has become the key to their success. Focusing on the customer, their products and services are driven by quality, cost, and delivery, as well as reducing waste, inefficiency, and lead times.

  1. West Midlands based building and construction company awarded £13k

The company began by manufacturing baseplates for the scaffold industry, in the first year they manufactured 500,000 baseplates which were all welded by hand. All of the company’s products are manufactured and certified to relevant national and international standards including EN74, EN12810, EN12811, EN131 and are also accredited to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and UDVB Achilles. This allows the Company to form long lasting partnerships with both their customers and suppliers, thereby ensuring continuity of employment for the staff and an acceptable and consistent return for the investors.

  1. Yorkshire based software company receives £57k over two years

As a leader in the industry since 2006, the company has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the health and social care sector. Formed to deliver tailored software for the domiciliary care sector, they are committed to providing products that will enhance efficiencies and increase cost savings, whilst not losing focus of the primary aim to deliver outstanding care.

  1. Nottinghamshire based manufacturing company awarded £45k taking total claims to £366k over nine years

The company is a specialist manufacturer of filters primarily for the wet press concrete industry. They have secured a world pre-eminence for the filters which they’ve developed and continue to manufacture to precision engineering standards and the company has benefited from patents taken out many years ago for their fabric-based filtration system that came about because of significant development work undertaken at that time. The company’s process was patented some years ago but has allowed the Company to develop innovative processes over the years which continually keep them at the forefront of required technologies in this worldwide industry.

  1. Nottinghamshire based manufacturing company receives £75k taking total claims over four years to £323k

Established in 1980, the company develops, manufactures, and installs bespoke retail interiors, specialising in highly demanding and technically challenging luxury brands, such as Chanel, Dior, and Michael Kors. The company has extensive manufacturing facilities to produce most material types and jointing systems, including state-of-the-art CNC machining, an in-house spray shop and prototype building capabilities. The company is highly skilled in working with a wide range of materials including wood, laminates, glass, metal, acrylics and composites, and the team of electricians are continuously pushing the boundaries to create finest quality finishes and excellent functionality in innovative lighting, often within very difficult and demanding space or facilities constraints.

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