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£554K Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. London-based non-profit professional association awarded £139k

Launched in 2010, the company is a non-profit professional association that aims to promote and enhance the knowledge and skills of scientists, developers, and faculties. The company offers various services such as conferences, workshops, and training programs to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking among its members on a global scale.

  1. London-based mental health support company received £147k in first claim

Established in 2012, the company provide mental health care and treats dependency disorders in clients’ own homes or private residences. Through their work with addiction and rehabilitation, the company recognised an opportunity to research and develop an innovative new technology for the treatment of opioid and alcohol addiction.

  1. Midlands-based metalwork company awarded £35k

The company is a leading British manufacturer of forged, fabricated, and machined components. From conceptual drawings and original samples to finished components. The company has expanded through diversification and invested in over two dozen manufacturing processes. The company fosters a culture of innovation, to reinforce its presence in UK forging. The company has developed their forging methods, utilising robotics throughout the process in pioneering ways.

  1. Cambridgeshire-based vacuum equipment company received £21k in first claim

The company was founded in 2005 following a customer need for new bespoke vacuum equipment. The company specialises in Vacuum Furnaces and Electron Beam Welding Systems, priding themselves on excellent customer service, demonstrated throughout their customer base.

  1. London-based environmental software firm awarded £7k in first claim

The company’s mission is to provide organisations with the methods, tools and data to comprehensively assess their environmental impacts. The company are working to constantly improve its systems and software, harbouring a culture of innovation in order to keep up with the rapid developments in software development and data science.

  1. Northamptonshire-based machining and fabrication company received £34k

The company has developed its international reputation for advanced manufacturing processes including machining and fabrication to enable its customers’ new product and process developments. To complete its decommissioning development works, six of the staff have been cleared by the Office of Nuclear Regulation and for military work all of its employees have signed the Official Secrets Act.

  1. Yorkshire-based electrical compliance company awarded £12k

The company provide the analysis of electrical installation condition, emergency lighting inspection and fire alarm inspection, servicing, and maintenance. Once these sorted, the company will produce all necessary documents for their clients to be compliant.

  1. Oxfordshire-based building engineering firm received £83k

The company is a buildings engineering company that specialises in the development, refurbishment, and fitting out of scientific, commercial, industrial, and other work environments. The company is committed to a continuing programme of investment in the development of new modelling techniques and templates that shorten project design, ensure regulatory compliance, identify construction conflicts earlier, and offer solutions that reduce the cost of construction during the modelling phase itself.

  1. Cheshire-based manufacturer of rubber products awarded £49k in first claim

The company prides itself on innovative and forward-thinking attitudes to manufacturing rubber components. After a period of research and development the company now designs and supply EV battery pack coolant hoses. The company also specialises in designing and producing any tooling required for production items.

  1. Leicester-based electric motors company received £25k

The company specialise in comprehensive repair and rewind services for AC and DC electric motors and modules with associated operation and control, programme logic controlled (PLC) systems, pumps, fans and geared units. commitment to the highest technical standards and quality control has earned them a solid reputation for solving problems using a fundamental first-principles approach.

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