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£553K Awarded to Seven Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Greater Manchester based manufacturer of fitted furniture awarded £38k

The company began manufacturing its own products in 2002 and it moved to larger manufacturing premises in 2014, taking on more staff and acquiring new capital equipment. All design, development and fitting work are now carried out by company employees rather than sub-contractors, enabling greater control of quality and timeframes. The company’s first successful claim enabled them to recruit two new apprentices and an additional fitter.

  1. Lancashire based number plate company received £128k taking total claims over three years to £406k

The company started trading in 1990 selling number plates. With over 58 million private number plates available, the company offer the most advanced search capability in the UK for users to quickly find and buy a number plate. Their extensive experience enables them to offer an accurate valuation of a private plate or source a specific registration. As a recognised DVLA reseller, they were the first company in the UK to sell private registrations online.

  1. Leicestershire based marketing company awarded £50k

Established in 1989, the company provides a full range of products to support customer marketing efforts, concentrating upon quality printing and graphic design extending to the products that are required to display printed information. Growing through acquisition to enable them to house all their services – design, print, finishing and package prototyping and small volumes, all under one roof, their range of customers includes food and pharma packaging, Government official reports, healthcare, and point-of-sale displays.

  1. Hampshire based electronics firm received £35k

Founded in 2008, the company is unique in the broadcasting sector with its focus on finding innovative solutions for video transmission. All the company’s products and services are tailored to perform faultlessly in tightly specified applications. Its level of knowledge and expertise from complete systems down to component level has opened opportunities and it has become a recognised leader in broadcasting technologies.

  1. Nottinghamshire based packaging company awarded £174k taking total claims to £1.1m

Incorporated in 1984 the company, has continued to be recognised as one of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable and specialised consumer packaging. The polymer containers are a lighter, non-smash, safer and cleaner to process, and research has shown that bottle production results in less greenhouse gas emissions and uses a third less energy than glass or aluminium can production. The material can also be recycled repeatedly.

  1. East Sussex based manufacturing firm received £58k

The company is a provider of manufacturing, filling, and packing services to the health and beauty industries. The company specialises in the production of cosmetics & toiletries and provides complete processing, labelling & packaging solutions. The company tends to work with many clients who often have extremely large product ranges, so maintaining consistency across a range of fundamentally different products is a mission critical for the business and its clients who continually seek to upgrade and improve their offerings to their clients and the public.

  1. Doncaster based manufacturer awarded £68k

The company have over two decades of experience in the manufacture, hire, repair and supply of all forms of lifting, pulling and materials handling equipment, from standard hand-operated chain hoists to custom-designed lifting solutions for the construction, railway, mining, petrochemical, steel and power-generating industries. The company have reinvested previous R&D tax credits to fund an expansion of their current premises in Doncaster, to give them the capacity to take on even bigger construction projects.

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