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£508K Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Leicestershire-based utility consultancy awarded £19k

Established in 2019, the company are an independent utility consultancy helping businesses throughout the UK with their energy procurement, renewable energy, and efficiency along with telecommunications. The company have a simple formula: understand the client’s true needs, reduce their costs and help increase the bottom line.

  1. West Midlands-based vehicle maintenance company received £80k

The company has decades of experience in vehicle maintenance and tyres and wants to provide clients with the expertise of Point-S experts to deliver a better service. The company is also a leading wholesale provider and is looking to increase its market share through automated online applications that improve service and provide seamless functionality.

  1. Derbyshire-based refurbishment of cast iron components company awarded £13k

Founded in 1996, the company has spent the past 25 years working hard to build a strong reputation, repairing and refurbishing cast iron components for many sectors including Marine, Classic and Vintage Cars and Architectural genres. Every job the company receive is a one-off item and, in most cases, cannot be replaced, so a repair method is the only way to salvage the item and bring it back to its functional former glory.

  1. Worcestershire-based architects received £7k

The company is a client-facing user-friendly and creative consultancy that has cemented a reputation as a driving force for development for corporate and private clients. The company communicate the ideas clearly and concisely and rigorously tests the design ideals through sketches, physical models, and three-dimensional images. The company have been successful because they are excellent collaborators and listeners, able to successfully translate the client vision and work with the design team.

  1. London-based insurance firm awarded £30k

Founded in 2012, the company bring innovative new products and services to the insurance market. The company is dedicated to offering outstanding customer service through innovative e-technology and the talented people who work within the business. The company are passionate about developing new products and creating new business opportunities in response to market changes, using data in an intelligent way to identify trends and opportunities in the sector.

  1. Essex-based product design and engineering received £8k

Founded in 2010, the company is a specialist in certification, qualification, avionics design, and aerospace engineering consulting. The company’s portfolio of product design and engineering services includes every aspect of the developmental process, and has systemised a structured approach to understanding systems design, analysis, development & testing, and analytical integration of work produced by multiple contractors working on a single project.

  1. Leicestershire-based exterior building products awarded £110k

With the aid of a Prince’s Trust Fund grant of £2,000 in 1995, the founders of the company started a business carrying out repairs to rotten windows using a new two-stage epoxy resin that had been newly launched in the UK. The company specialises in the development and installation of exterior building products and can achieve modern standards whilst retaining traditional and conservation aesthetics.

  1. East Midland-based furniture manufacturer received £182k

The company seek to continually push the boundaries to deliver the very best in comfort, quality, and excellence. As a family-run business, the company has developed an ability to integrate and incorporate aspects of the ‘best in design’ into their individual furniture, mixing traditional skills with contemporary designs, as well as giving traditional designs a contemporary twist.

  1. Kent-based building management systems company awarded £33k

Founded in 2000, the company design, install, upgrade, service and maintain complex Building Management Systems (BMS). Constantly striving to delivery cutting edge technology, the company believe that no competitors are implementing their level of automated software functionality. They also work to retain close working relationships with large manufacturers such as Honeywell and Siemens.

  1. Leicestershire-based fashion garments company received £44k

Established in 2000, the company develops and manufactures fashion garments that incorporate leading edge textile engineering developments. They continually strive to enhance and improve their UK production facilities by automating what has been manually produced elsewhere in low cost labour countries and improving the overall manufacturing process, making it as lean as possible within the knitting environment.

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