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£498K awarded to 8 clients

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Loughborough based food business receives a recent R&D tax credit claim worth £50.1k making their total claim to date £133.6k

This company initially began as a seafood delivery service manned by a single business owner. The business has since expanded into a leading independent wholesaler and distributor of fresh and frozen food products with over 30 years of experience. During this time, a custom-designed storage facility was built to enable more efficient distribution to locations across the UK. Their state-of-the-art facilities enable the company to hold large quantities of stock which is essential to ensuring they can provide a vast array of products to their customer base that desires a varied menu. Their innovative product development team turns customer concepts into tangible product prototypes that can be enhanced into the final product. The company has used R&D to enhance quality and control processes, advance their machinery, evaluate their structural and packaging constraints, develop computer-aided-design facilities, and build prototypes.

  1. Nottingham based medical firm receives £24.9k from HMRC making their total claim sum £57k

This firm develops and manufactures high-quality incontinence products for adults and children. The company prides itself on using British materials where possible and manufacturing its goods within the UK. The business sells washable, reusable products that can be worn both day and night. The majority of the market is dominated by large corporations selling disposable products but this firm chose to sell in the smaller reusable incontinence market, meaning innovation and responding to customer needs is vital. They are in regular communication with continence professionals, using their discussions to develop new practical and cost-effective products. The company has used R&D to build prototypes and problem-solve to create innovative solutions.

  1. Basingstoke based maintenance firm is awarded £67k from HMRC for their first claim

This company specializes in offering a complete maintenance service for all the mechanical, electric, and air conditioning systems within client’s buildings. The company aims to improve the performance and airflow of the customer’s buildings. As well as helping to prevent leaking, prevent odors, prevent freezing and reduce running costs.  The business has used innovation to design, create and supply affordable building maintenance solutions, working predominantly in offering heating and air conditioning. They offer bespoke solutions which require extensive R&D such as problem-solving.

  1. Greater Manchester-based financial services firm successfully claim £150k for their R&D work bringing their claim sum to £319.9k

This company specializes in offering business and financial services with a focus on using technology to automate and streamline the payment process. The company trades across the entirety of Europe and employs a team of experts with unrivaled knowledge in the financial technology industry. The firm has used innovation to revolutionize the retail and payment sectors by developing advancements in financial technology, making the process faster and more secure for both sellers and partners. Their R&D unit is led by a group of technology and payment experts that follow the retail and payment markets, identifying issues and solving these problems.

  1. Manchester-based medical firm receive £18.6k for their innovations

This company was incorporated over a decade ago with the intention of bringing a better level of service and support to cardiopulmonary diagnostics. Their team includes staff with years of experience in cardiopulmonary diagnostics which allows them to fully understand the requirements of their customers. The business has invested significantly into R&D, carrying out many clinical environments to understand the everyday problems their customers face when using cardiopulmonary equipment. The company has used innovation to provide cutting-edge solutions for respiratory, cardiology, pre-operative assessment, educational facilities, habilitation, and private clinics. For each of these areas, the firm provides hardware solutions and bespoke ground-breaking development to optimize the safety and effectiveness of medical products.

  1. Food packaging company receive £28k making their total claim value £438k

This company is a family-run food processing company based in East- Yorkshire. Their factory specializes in the processing, packing, and distribution of a range of foods and sandwich fillings, with many of their products hand-crafted. The company has used R&D to significantly upgrade its facilities, including design advantages, efficiency gains, and process flow improvements. The company is constantly seeking new ways of developing its processes and storage control to achieve greater efficiency and higher yields. Their R&D projects have included improvements to processing methods, hygiene improvements, and traceability work which has led to the business consuming more materials during the development process. These projects have required inventiveness and innovation to problem-solve through intense trial and error, often at the company’s own risk.

  1. Packaging company successfully claim £119k bringing their total claim value to £382.5k

The business is a specialist developer and manufacturer of re-usable packaging solutions from recycled and recyclable material. Their aim is to provide sustainable packaging solutions to its customers by developing bespoke packaging to precise specifications. The firm’s expertise ensures the customer’s product is protected during transport, ensuring safe delivery without breakage. They specialize in packaging made from recycled cardboard as a key challenge for the packaging industry is to reduce the number of single-use plastics used to package products as they are not eco-friendly. A large proportion of the products produced by this firm are bespoke and made to order which requires the business to have an efficient process for responding to customer needs, developing 3D drawings, and building prototypes. During this process, the company prides itself on actively reducing wastage.

  1. Historic bicycle business is awarded £40.7k in R&D tax credits making the total value of their claim £112.4k

This family-run business was established well over a century ago, and they have been developing and selling bicycles ever since. For decades, the company has been developing quality, cutting-edge, and personalized products for its customers. The bicycle industry is very competitive in nature with suppliers from overseas making the market increasingly crowded. This firm’s bespoke approach to custom bicycles is cutting edge- rather than using standard geometrics to make adjustments to suit an individual, this firm has developed a series of frames that can be manufactured and distributed to retailers for them to be tailored to an individual on-site. Their R&D projects include trial and error to explore new production methods and materials.

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