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£459k Awarded to Six Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Yorkshire based chain of garages and repair centres awarded £130k

Established in 1976, the company operates as a chain of garages and repair centres in Keighley, Bradford, and Leeds, West Yorkshire, where they offer high quality repairs and servicing facilities for individual or fleet vehicles. Over the years the company has diversified their offerings and now completes over 350 repair projects a month. The company utilises the latest technologies and working practices to provide the highest levels of customer service to minimise their costs of operations and to maintain a competitive edge in the market through efforts to be an ally of both the customer and insurance companies. A major focus is on the development of custom software solutions conducted in-house by the company.

  1. Bedfordshire based engineering firm receives £27k taking total claims to £253k

Founded in 1982, the company specialises in the efficient application of combustion and flare systems. They work with their clients to minimise the impact of industry on the environment by supplying technology to remove excess or waste gases and contaminants. The company also specialise in existing landfill gas and waste biogas flare stack refurbishment. The directors have a hands-on approach to all facets of the business enabling them to ensure the company fulfils customers’ expectations in product reliability, quality, and value for money.

  1. Shropshire based building and interior company awarded £157.2k

Formed in 1999, the company specialise in offering both building and interior services to a multitude of industry sectors. Their extensive experience enables them to manage schemes of varying scale and complexity, including design and build contracts. The company offers both interior and exterior design and construction of buildings. Their client’s problems and requirements are always unique and an investment in time. Research and development are required to gain an understanding of the challenges and hurdles involved in creating a bespoke solution. Dealing with challenging locations and sometimes existing buildings which may be listed, the company are often approached to correct previous contractors work and achieve results with restrain time frames, budgets, and space.

  1. Surrey smart home technology company receives £7.8k

The company provide a complete design, installation, and support service for smart home technology in the domestic sector. The company are positioned as specialists in the smart home installation industry by providing high-end, custom-designed installations for their clients. As such, they need to constantly innovate to resolve technical difficulties and meet the needs of their individual clients to a high standard. Every project that the company undertakes has an element of R&D, as each project is unique and bespoke solutions are required. R&D is inherent within the company and every member of staff contributes to R&D activity. The company’s ethos is to perform at a high standard and meet the needs of each client. R&D activities are essential to push the limits of what can be achieved in their industry and help them become leaders in their field of expertise.

  1. London based skincare company awarded £17.1k

The company focuses on the more clinical aspects of the beauty & cosmetics industries. While skin health remains at the centre of their efforts, they work with specialist medically focused laboratories, clinicians, and dermatologists, and incorporate cutting-edge developments in product formulations. They have a long-term association with the University of Barcelona and have concentrated recent efforts on innovations in skincare delivery technology – in their case via cosmetic drones. The company’s approach is expensive in terms of up-front investment in research and product planning before prototype development, trials & testing.

  1. London based skincare company receives £119.9K in first claim

The company leverages its industry knowledge and experience to work with dermatologists and skincare experts to create products that unite the benefits of natural skincare ingredients with effective scientific formulations that are not tested on animals and uses – as far as possible – ingredients that are non-invasive and available in natural form. The company invests time and resources in researching and sourcing active ingredients in their natural form, but employs science-driven methods to meticulously develop the appropriate concentration & dosage for the many skin types that exist.

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