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£455k Awarded to Eight Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. West Midlands based in-game advertising company awarded £16k

Founded in 2013, the company strives to become the leading in-game advertiser network within the marketplace. The company specialises in advertisements inside the message of the day banner within Steam games. This is achieved through the company’s bespoke plug-in software that connects game server owners and advertisers with players. The technology developed by the company is unique and distinct from traditional marketing technology, such as website advertising and pay-per-click, which is prevalent throughout the web. The company has also developed a software platform that is used in conjunction with Steam, a digital distribution service, and Minecraft, a popular sandbox video game.

  1. Nottinghamshire based shopfitters receives £44k taking total R&D claims to £185k over four years

Formed in 1993, the company benefits from a highly experienced management team and a diverse client base predominately within the leisure and retail sectors. The company blends traditional and cutting-edge techniques to deliver enhanced standards and technological advances. In addition to this, the company provides tailormade services and products to meet their clients’ needs, which enables them to offer a varied range of services.

  1. Nottinghamshire based IT company awarded £15k for R&D work

The company offer digital solutions using the latest IT methodologies to solve business problems. They provide support and advice for all areas of IT and are constantly researching to improve and develop solutions and services but have expertise in the schools and education sectors. The company tailor a combination of products from trusted companies, including Microsoft, to be more appropriate for use in schools. The company specialise in providing software for schools which must also adhere to the stricter regulation and safeguarding required by the education sector. As a unique environment, the company faces more challenges compared to dealing with an ordinary business.

  1. East Midlands based furniture manufacturer receives £119k taking total claims to £279k

The company manufacture fine upholstered furniture and has a reputation for traditional service values, combined with contemporary techniques and designs. The company has developed an ability to integrate and incorporate aspects of the ‘best in design’ into their individual furniture, mixing traditional skills with contemporary designs, as well as giving traditional designs a contemporary twist. They develop a full range of sofas, chairs, and beds to suit the needs of their customers, and fully understand the need to keep pace with the changing demands of sophisticated consumers.

  1. Hampshire based agriculture company awarded £7k

The farm was purchased by the current family owners in 1987, following their relocation from Devon. In 2011 the company was established in its current entity, which provides the arable contracting services to the farm, the contract farming agreements and the arable machinery. The company purchases the labour from the partnership and any other services that are necessary to fulfil the arable operations.

  1. Leicestershire based blinds manufacturing company receives £26k

Established in 2001, the company specialise in manufacturing highly innovative blinds for the platform supply vessel (PSV) market, ambulances, trains, coaches and more. Unlike many competitors in this field, the company design, manufacture and install tailored blinds of an extremely high calibre to exacting measurements and customer specifications. R&D is fundamental to the business as the company is the only UK manufacturer of vehicle blinds; two other UK companies can supply vehicle blinds that are purchased from Italy and Spain. Strict compliance procedures deter competitors from entering the market, as the company is heavily reliant on achieving the European standard of approval which includes fabrics passing rigorous fire hazard tests to ensure safe use in vehicles.

  1. Cambridgeshire based automotive parts developer awarded £69k with £157k claimed over three years

Established in 1999 and incorporated in 2004, the company is an automotive parts developer and manufacturer dedicated to the supply of better performance Lotus Elise and TVR car variants and other automotive equipment. The company has grown into a multi-national business with a 33,000+ customer base throughout 40 countries. They manufacture and supply well over 2,500 individual Lotus related products, from a ball joint to a complete body kit. Their CAD/CAM design team has proved their worth with many innovative and exclusive products that have been race proven throughout the world and, along with close links with dozens of race teams, enable them to test products under the most extreme conditions.

  1. Derbyshire engineering company completed tenth successful claim receiving £163k this year and £975k over a decade

Established in 2008, the company makes engineering composites for the aerospace, automotive and defence sectors. The company prides itself in being an end-to-end solution provider, using a turnkey composite supply approach from tooling concepts and manufacture through to surface finishing and inspection. Employee involvement in R&D has increased with the growing number of development and project engineers. Several key staff have been taken on, together with more engineers and female staff. The company has also developed an extensive capability to produce specialised tooling and materials for the composite materials sector and is AS9100 approved, a widely adopted, standard quality management system for the automotive and aerospace industries.

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