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£448k Awarded to Six Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Merseyside based recruitment agency awarded £103k

The company strive to make simple technology alongside clear rates for all and inclusive rewards. Their team has over 40 years of combined experience in education recruitment. Their technology allows them to reduce their costs which allows them to pass these savings directly onto its clients with reduced charges. Striving for a clear and transparent process, their pricing model is a core element of this.

  1. Leicestershire based manufacturing company received £67k taking total claims to £844k

The company was founded in 1972 and has an excellent reputation for developing and manufacturing investment cast components for both industrial and retail applications. During recent years, much of the R&D has focussed on specific, troublesome components. This year, many of the new products have pushed the process to the limit, allowing the R&D to focus on process developments, which should ensure the company’s prosperity in the future.

  1. Greater Manchester based IT company awarded £76k

Incorporated in 2000 the company works exclusively with agencies; they have developed around 2000 systems. The breadth of work carried out by WPS and the speed at which technical developments and client requirements move forward ensures that the company is permanently engaged in research and development work as they iterate towards adhering together cutting-edge software, applications, open source products, front & back office requirements and the like to finalise unique, easy to integrate, easy to use, fast client solutions.

  1. Norfolk based renovation and conversion company received £86k

The company specialises in the renovation and conversion of older buildings to meet current building standards. The company adopts a bespoke approach to project development, including researching and commissioning architects. The company identify as being best suited to fulfil ensure that plans integrate with and complement its immediate environment, and make a long-term positive contribution to local life.

  1. London based Architecture and design studio awarded £22k

The company strives to deliver beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed projects which exceed their client’s expectations and enhance their setting. The work is characterised by a rigorous analytical design process, irrespective of scale or setting. The architectural approach begins with a deep analysis of the cultural and physical context to understand the spirit of the place in which they will build.

  1. London based It company received £92k in first claim

Established almost 10 years, CloudAttribution offers cloud-based investment management software. Working with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, they empower fund and performance managers with tailored investment management software to drive better investments by delivering total transparency and visibility on the source of their returns.

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