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£439k awarded to three clients

Author: Gareth Smyth

First claim of £88.9k for heating and cooling systems business.

This business is focused on the development, optimisation and installation of commercial heating and cooling systems for large commercial and residential buildings in London. Working alongside top universities, the company has developed a methodology for optimising the design of both heating and cooling systems which aims to eliminate errors at the design and planning stage. To create this system, the firm invested in R&D to ensure the methodology was as efficient as possible and saved the most emissions.

Third successful claim for manufacturing business with their latest claim of £79k making their total claim sum £253k.                                                                                                                                                               

This company develops and manufactures vacuum formed products including mouldings and fabrications for display equipment. There is a culture of innovation at the company and they continually improve production facilities as well as investing in staff. They have developed a range of business software tools by using R&D techniques such as prototypes and overcoming technical difficulties.

First claim worth £97k for fin-tech start-up.                                                                                                       

This financial technology start-up has devised a new banking business model and is developing technology to bring the model to the general public. The firm has developed its own cryptocurrency that members buy using cash. Within their app, the firm also provides a service of securely sending money to anyone globally at no charge. The company has used R&D to invest in the automation and update of hedge fund algorithms to provide financial returns each month and develop its own cryptocurrency.

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