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£427k Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. London based software company awarded £23k in first claim

The company works with fertility clinics to support the psychosocial outcomes of fertility patients, pioneering whole-patient fertility care. The app is a wrap-around solution for fertility clinics, offering patients health and emotional support, integrated with the clinic experience. Powered by experts, the app is evidence-based and supports clinics with real-time reporting and regulatory best practices.

  1. Kent based telecommunications company received £12k in first claim

Established in 2006, the company is a leader in innovation and supply of quality business grade services. Focused on customer service, they emphasise cost control that their clients rely on. Keeping clients up to date with the latest and most cost-effective telecommunications services along with their integrated IT solutions service is a paramount requirement.

  1. Hertfordshire based metalwork company awarded £38k

The company provides a comprehensive design and detailing service for architectural metalwork and structural steelwork manufacturers. The company can provide comprehensive design management including surveying, design and contract design meetings, structural calculations, GAs and full fabrication detailing, all of which are personally tailored to meet clients’ individual requirements.

  1. Derbyshire based engineering firm received £65k

The company’s quest to build an organisation comprising of the best mechanical design engineers capable of carrying out the most demanding and innovative engineering projects. As a result, engineering disciplines and skills, normally only offered by much larger organisations, are all available at Chesterfield Fabrications.

  1. Derbyshire based precision engineering company awarded £97k

Established in 2001, the company have become specialist in developing and machining large, metal components. A significant proportion of their work is subcontracted to them by other companies that cannot meet the technical challenges involved in bespoke projects.

  1. London based data analysis company received £36k

The company is a specialist data analysis and management consulting company that builds tools, methodology and intellectual property for improving business insight from big data. The company has custom developed and implements purpose-built solutions that empower organizations to make smart, data-driven decisions.

  1. Yorkshire based agriculture company awarded £83k

Established in 2010, the company develops methods for the efficient and effective raising of pigs. As the food chain from farm to fork gets shorter for reasons of maximising yield and efficiencies of food production for UK and export, the chance occurrence of damaging factors such as disease becomes more prevalent.

  1. Essex based print and packaging company received £10k in first claim

The company is a specialist company in the print and packaging industry. The processes involved in the design, manufacture and finish of printed products and services is a complex process that can cost a company a significant sum of money if not managed properly. Additionally, the company actively helps companies transition to a more sustainable business model that reduces their carbon footprint and encourages paperless processes.

  1. Somerset based conversation building company awarded £17k

The company is a family-owned business based in the heart of the Somerset levels that provides skills and expertise for heritage conservation using traditional materials and methods to bespoke new build projects. The nature of the work the company undertakes demands continuous improvements and awareness of new techniques and technologies that can help in devising practical solutions for the preservation of historic architecture.

  1. London based smart home technology company awarded £26k in first claim

The company are primarily focused on smart home development, more specifically in luxury, residential, hospitality and marine environments. They supply automation, technical and audio-visual systems, to control the environment such as lighting, heating, cooling.

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