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£412k Awarded to 8 Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Nottinghamshire based engineering company receives £11k from HMRC

Incorporated in 1989 provides, contract engineering development services for industrial and transport markets. Due to the company’s recent diversification, they now provide development, engineering, and data management support services. These are delivered by utilising cutting edge software and computer aided engineering tools. Due to the nature of the work carried out by the company, the workforce relies on an innate passion for problem solving in order to meet their clients’ needs.

  1. Dorchester based manufacturing company awarded £80k taking total claims to £476k

The company was formed in the mid-90’s by a team of research scientists to manufacture medical equipment that they felt was lacking from the field. As a result, the company has been at the forefront of innovation and is a recognised global leader. Over the years the company has expanded to provided services outside of the medical sector, including blue-chip client such as Rolls-Royce. They are now the leading global manufacturer of hydrophones, ultrasound transducers, ultrasound test stations and acoustic materials. In order to retain this position, the company relies on the innovative thinking of its workforce as well as staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

  1. Leicester based industrial insulation company receives £60k taking total claims to £241k

Founded in 1978 and incorporated into its present form in 1982, the company initially specialised into insulating pipes, air-systems and tanks but in recent years, the company has also moved into electric trace heating, frost protection and passive fire protection systems. The company benefits from an international client base including multiple blue chip clients including Buckingham Palace and The Rotunda. The company balances both Health and Safety and environmental concerns.

  1. Fife based manufacturer of haulage or winding equipment receives £15k for R&D

Formed in 1921, the company manufacture haulage or winding equipment for the nearby coal mining industry. Over the decades the company has undergone many evolutions including investments in new machinery, diversifying production and new management. It is clear that the company has relied on innovation in order to remain relevant, such as entering the gearbox manufacturing. The company was acquired in 2019 by French trade buyer Descours et Cabaud, a leading distributor in the Construction, Water & Landscape industry. Since the acquisition the company has capitalised on their excellent reputation.

  1. Derbyshire based fabrication company awarded £65k in their first R&D claim

The company is a machining fabrication and laser cutting specialist, with clients within the Chemical Composites; Construction; Food Preparation; Automotive; Lifting and Handling Equipment; Noise Compression; Plastics Extrusion; Water and Gas Carriers; and Recycling/Waste Handling sectors. To maintain the company’s market position, constant market research and development is carried out by the company. Cutting edge developments and client requirements are the driving force for the company’s output. Such is the challenging and innovative nature of developing advancements in fabrication that sometimes, even after a long period of development and many iterations, the company remains unable to produce an adequate solution and look for an alternative.

  1. Sheffield based precision engineering firm receives £79k taking total claims to £730k

Incorporated in 2010, the company continues to develop and manufacture special purpose equipment and tooling for aerospace, rail, and steel mill equipment, with particular expertise in close tolerance, high quality parts for steel and other industries including automotive, rail, aerospace, defence, and oil & gas. A significant proportion of their work is generated by exports, particularly to the USA and the Middle East. The export market is growing in the USA following the engagement of a US based agent. The company continues to develop and supply new and refurbished equipment and spares for customers in Egypt, Holland, Spain and now potentially Canada. The absorption of a few highly skilled technicians displaced from Sheffield’s faltering steel industry, combined with the extensive knowledge and experience of the company’s founders, has contributed greatly to the acceptance of steel rolling mill customers welcoming the company onto their list of preferred suppliers, where experience, original thinking in problem-solving and product quality are of paramount importance. A considerable amount of work is gained from correcting technical problems with steel mill production machinery around the world which has been provided by manufacturers good at selling but not so good at developing durable products.

  1. Basingstoke based modular-build system solutions awarded £60k taking total claims to £324k

Incorporated in 2005, and the company provides complete design and specialised manufacture to mirror that of the other global facilities, all of which have enjoyed considerable growth since they were established. The company also provides complete turnkey services, as well as assembled and bespoke solutions and the entire range is supported with tools and attachments to simplify installation to further reduce costs. The company’s philosophy is to undertake complex technologically challenging projects which entail a level of engineering ingenuity which sets it apart from most other companies in the field. There is a dedicated in-house group of engineers who tackle the most difficult engineering problems presented to the company. The highly skilled and innovative team bring ingenious answers to an ever-increasing breadth of technical and inherently safe challenges. The company has a policy of developing new concepts at their own risk to keep them at the forefront of this modular building industry.

  1. Basingstoke based motion technology company receives £38k raising total claim amount to £228k

The company was incorporated in 2004 and researches, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells specialist motion technology components, products, solutions, and services to meet the performance needs of professional institutes and organisations throughout the world. The company can draw upon a wide range of technology options from its worldwide partners, combining them with in-house systems and ability to deliver competitive solutions that meet all its customers’ requirements. A sizeable proportion of the work at the company involves a high proportion of bespoke innovation and development, and the projects described herein are indicative of the many they carry out that require some degree of daily research and development, areas of vital importance if the company is to remain at the forefront of motion technology.



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