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4 Companies Awarded £108k

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Doncaster based manufacturing firm awarded £43k in R&D tax credits

The company has been in operation over two decades specialising in the manufacture, hire, repair, and supply of all forms of lifting, pulling, and materials handling equipment, from standard hand-operated chain hoists to custom designed lifting solutions for the construction, railway, mining, petrochemical, steel, and power-generating industries.  Innovation is at the heart of the company with most of their project requiring bespoke solutions, reached through intense trialling and problem solving. The company reinvested previous R&D tax credits to fund an expansion of their current premises in Doncaster, to give them the capacity to take on even bigger construction projects. As a result, they have become the preferred provider for Laing O’Rourke, and are currently performing some of the most complex research and development work the company has ever undertaken, on projects such as the construction of the Hinckley Point C Nuclear Power Station and the Thames Tideway Super Sewer.

2. Shropshire based HVAC company receives £25k taking total claims to £139k

The company design, build and install industrial refrigeration and air conditioning units. In addition to this they provide a consultancy service. Due to the company’s experience in the refrigeration industry, they are often invited to tender for complex projects requiring novel thinking. As a result, the company has developed their own electronic control system using management software to deliver bespoke solutions for their customers.  Where possible, they integrate heat recovery and apply their knowledge of gas pressure to reduce the need for electric components, such as heaters and pumps, and minimise energy use, giving them a reputation for efficiency and added value.

  1. Leicestershire based marine company £26k in first R&D claim

Established over 30 years ago the is a world leader in LED lighting for the marine industry. Following a management buyout in 2014 the company has become the most popular and most widely distributed marine lighting brand in the world. The company has been accredited with kick starting the marine LED revolution back in 2005 and is still to this day changing, through innovation, how boat owners light up their craft.

  1. Cheshire based tool manufacturing firm first R&D claim results in £13k being awarded

Incorporated in 2012 the company focusses on developing solutions for tool control, one that helps craftsmen organize and transport their tools safely & without damage, while making them easy to access. The core strength of the company’s product portfolio is their ability to devise simple solutions that fulfil bespoke needs of their customers with regards to tool and equipment storage and care. The company has been developing and improving their manufacturing processes to provide a broader range of products that can be used in a more challenging and corrosive work environment. The workforce has drawn from engineering functions within various industries, from consumer goods manufacture and heavy processes, to pharmaceutical and aviation.

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