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£399k Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Shropshire based windows and doors company awarded £6k

The company specialises in fabricating, fitting, servicing, and repairing internal and external windows and doors throughout the UK. The company’s team of fabricators, engineers and fitters have more than 150 of experience years between them and the company continually invests in its staff to ensure they have all the skills and qualifications they need to do the best job for the company’s clients. All engineers hold a CSCS Skilled Worker card.

  1. Derbyshire based safety footwear company received £22k

The company are expert in waterproof and fully non-metallic safety footwear. Working with the best materials and manufacturers, the company delivers the most innovative safety footwear available on the market, continually working with the world’s leading component manufacturers to develop next-level products.

  1. Nottinghamshire based motorsport fabrication company awarded £22k

The company is a privately owned company based in Nottingham undergoing bespoke motorsport fabrication for racing enthusiasts. The company’s team are very passionate, ambitious and always ready to take on new and challenging projects in the racing cars industry.

  1. West Midlands based machinery company received £25k

The company focuses on developing machines for hard-to-clean applications. These self-contained machines have been specially designed to use battery technology to remove chewing gum and other stubborn materials from public surfaces without the use of water, instead using special detergents to clean surfaces quickly and at affordable cost. The company owns the intellectual property and concentrates its efforts on research, proof-of-concept and commercial viability, and prototype development, testing, and statutory approvals.

  1. West Midlands based thermal spraying equipment company awarded £106k

The company are the only UK developer, manufacturer, and worldwide supplier of a full range of metal spraying equipment and consumables, such as Arcspray, Flamespray, Plasma, HVOF and Automated Spraying systems. On a larger and far-reaching scale, Metallisation has an international reputation and is proud to be considered as leading experts worldwide in advanced, innovative surface coating technology.

  1. Tyne and Wear based architectural metalwork company received £96k

The company continues to specialise in making it feasible to re-create traditionally aesthetic innovative metalwork for restoration and regeneration projects as well as high-quality architectural structural metalwork. Covering the length and breadth of the UK, they use the latest technology both at the design stage and during manufacture, ensuring their quality remains at the forefront of their industry. The team of skilled craftsmen is experienced in both traditional and the very latest technologically advanced metalwork manufacturing techniques.

  1. West Midlands based IT company awarded £22k

The company is an internet management service provider. They have recently evolved into the licensing side to be an IT department within client’s businesses. They intend to become an essential part of any business, collaborating with them to achieve their goals, and creating long-term value by managing their technology. Their team of industry specialists help companies reach their potential by giving them the tools they need in a secure, centrally managed environment.

  1. Nottinghamshire based safety equipment company received £20k

The company was incorporated in 2000 and initially entered the Height Safety market with a range of Ladder Restraint Anchors. A growing area of interest for the two companies concerns advertising hoardings. This huge area is changing rapidly as additional safety requirements, the use of digital images and LED lighting and the push for lower costs of ownership has led to substantial and ongoing research and development.

  1. Nottinghamshire based golf equipment company awarded £11k

The company is one of the UK’s leading online golf retailers supplying quality golf equipment from all the latest top brands in the golf industry. The company continually develop new and exciting systems to make their loyal customers’ shopping experience even more fun, simple, and cost effective.

  1. Wales based guitar retailer received £7k

Formed in 1995, the company are a high-end brand that builds electric guitars and basses for the ‘heavy metal’ market. Every one of their guitars is handmade in Japan by a master craftsman, using an intelligent design that is based on the experience of world-class, professional musicians. At each step of the guitar’s progression, it goes through a rigorous quality process.

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