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£377k awarded to three clients

Author: Gareth Smyth

£26,900 is awarded to in-game advertisers, bringing their claim total to £72,300.                   

The company’s goal is to be leaders within the in-game advertiser network in the marketplace. The main value behind the business is that it is operated and developed by a gamer and made for gamers in order to help server providers recoup their significant costs.

The firm have utilised innovation to create their unique technology which involved recruiting coders with specialist skills to perform R&D, as this is a trial and error process.

A £23,000 cash reward has been awarded to a manufacturer totalling their claim sum to £259,000.

This Leicester-based company is a developer, manufacturer and installer of high-quality bespoke retail display and merchandising equipment. The company utilise the latest facility and take on challenging projects from many blue-chip companies, making them a trusted company among many clients.

This manufacturing company has established  a culture of innovation where production facilities and staff expertise are invested in as a priority to improve efficiency while, R&D techniques such as prototypes, are used to develop recyclable materials.

A claim of £46,000 is awarded to a business based in Fife.

During its infancy, the company manufactured winding equipment for the coal mining industry. The investment in new machinery has been key to their success and the specialist nature of their work means constant innovation is needed.

Having installed state of the art tools, machinery and software, the company ensures they can solve technical problems and can provide a best quality service. R&D has enabled the firm to offer solutions through intense trialling and problem solving.

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