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£367k awarded to three clients

Author: Gareth Smyth

A claim worth an impressive £27,000 was awarded to a London based business.

The company creates fast, effective and sustainable ways to get business offerings in front of China’s new generation of tech savvy consumers. Opportunities to trade in the market are significant as the increase of China’s urban middle class continue to opt for online shopping.

The firm has a culture of innovation where all ideas are explored to drive down costs and develop products and processes. Utilising business software tools, the company have used R&D to develop technologically challenging solutions both in product development and process methodology.

A business receives a claim of £44,000, making their total claim to date £302,000.

This well-established and reputable company develop and supply a complete range of fabrication services. The services range from survey, design, and prototyping to manufacture, surface finishing, delivery and installation.

In order to maintain their competitive edge in the market, the business constantly upgrades their workforce, while their innovation has enabled them to supply a range of industries. R&D has also allowed the company to create cutting edge fabrication techniques and provide one-off solutions through intense modelling, trialling, problem solving and reworks.

A company’s claim size reaches an impressive £92,000 after a recent of £38,000.

The manufacturing company provide sign and installation services for local businesses and shops. Their workforce are signage experts in traditional sign making techniques.

The business is underpinned by continuous investment in the latest equipment, with utilisation of R&D to turn impossible ideas into reality. The R&D techniques the company adopts include prototypes, samples, technological advances, trialling as well as problem solving.

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