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£334K Awarded to Six Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
    1. Leicester-based property company awarded £44k in first claim

    The company operate both a consumer-facing business as well as a business-to-business solution for both house builders as well as the home improvement industries with their plug-in lead generation tech solutions. The company are constantly evaluating the main algorithm etc with statisticians and other information coming in from the land registry. Adapting everything on a regular basis, they are also developing new tools as well.

    1. London-based online document subscriptions provider received £52k in first claim

    The company operate solely on a subscription basis. Customers can apply for a subscription, allowing them access to various documentation online. They have around 4,000 documents, that can be accessed with this subscription, which expires after one year. Some of the documents available will spread across multiple categories, and the subscription prices vary depending on the level of access required by the customer.

    1. London-based jewellers awarded £71k

    The company was established in 1980 during a time when the leading jewellery manufactures in the UK had moved a substantial part of their manufacturing outside the UK. The company’s vision was to bring manufacturing expertise back to the country for bespoke jewellery, produced in short numbers of standardised precious jewellery, with a focus on quality and value.

    1. West-Yorkshire-based engineering company received £70k

    The company incorporated into its present form in 2003 and is a versatile innovative engineering company producing products & services for various industries in the UK and the rest of the world. The company is a leading builder of timber treatment plants and other process plants; the company is able to offer a complete turnkey service from initial design right through to site installation and commissioning, backed by more than 50 man-years of experience.

    1. Carlisle-based fabric manufacturer awarded £85k taking total claims to £607k

    The company has been a designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality fabrics for the quality women’s-wear fashion industry ever since the company’s inception and is renowned as the original, and still current, maker of fabric for the iconic Chanel brand. The unique skill sets amongst the Linton workforce make it possible to combine hugely different yarns in a way that most worldwide producers ignore, opening up a niche market that the company readily exploits.

    1. West Midlands-based engineering company received £11k

    The company has been established for over 20 years and aims to provide comprehensive support and services to the power press, metalworking and allied industries. The company’s team of skilled and experienced press service engineers can carry out all type of service, be it full reconditioning and refurbishment to manufacturer’s original specifications, or retrofitting of new clutch and brake assemblies, to complete re-design.

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