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£321k awarded to four clients

Author: Gareth Smyth

A manufacturing company has been rewarded £23.4k in R&D tax credits bringing their claim sum to £124.6k.

This business is a versatile cold roll-forming company, manufacturing high quality steel sections, for the ceiling and drywall market. The Shropshire based company has a highly motivated and skilled workforce that offer bespoke manufactured solutions to customer specifications. The business has an ongoing investment in the development of products and processes and continually seeks to improve its operations.

A branding firm has received their latest claim of £34k, making their total claim to date £69.4k.

The company provides branding expertise and services to their clients as well as developing bespoke websites as a part of their service offering. The business takes the time to understand their client’s businesses so they can create robust strategies and designs for them that have meticulous attention to detail. The company recruits coding engineers with the skills and imagination to create code that is unique and pushes website design to its maximum. Their innovation occurs within the development work they undertake in the design of bespoke websites for their clients.

Derby based business awarded £48.3k from HMRC making their total claim to date £109.4k.

The company provide and organise conferences, exhibitions and continuing professional development content for solicitors and dentistry companies. The company are leading providers of high quality affordable CPD training which include the latest developments in the law and are presented by leading speakers in the field. The business use innovation to create bespoke modules in an existing CRM application that can grow and change with the business. They have used R&D to develop software and a CRM system.

Leicester based firm are awarded a claim worth £7.9k making their total claim £17.5k.

This company develops one-off castings in varying different materials and regularly explores new ones. The company develops one-off patterns and tooling using various different methods and materials. Their projects require several prototypes to be made and this trial-and-error process is not always successful. This risk allows them to be at the cutting- edge and to push boundaries and innovation. The firm has used R&D to satisfy customers’ needs and wants through technological breakthroughs and to establish long- term relationships with clients.

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