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£314k Awarded to Ten Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Nottinghamshire-based digital marketing agency awarded £15k

The company offers web Design, SEO and pay-per-click management services across the Midlands. Founded in 2014 the company ensures that everything is tracked, from website visitors to the number of enquiries they receive and even how much each enquiry is costing the customers. The company also has expertise in social media management.

  1. Kent-based civil engineering firm received £35k in first claim

Established in 2015, the company is renowned for specialising in the design, fabrication and installation of various façade designs, applying innovative construction and installation techniques to tackle challenging projects. Within the technical team’s vast knowledge and experience, the company can navigate around challenging site-specific constraints and deliver high-quality complex projects within a diverse range of industries on time and within budget, through the implementation of unique and intelligent design solutions.

  1. Berkshire-based parking enforcement company awarded £14k in first claim

The company helps their clients with day-to-day management and enforcement on 3,500 parking sites across the UK. The company has a dedicated Permit Management Team who are highly professional and experienced in dealing with all permit enquiries, requests and ongoing permit management issues.

  1. Nottinghamshire-based filters company received £43k

The company specialist manufacturer of filters primarily for the wet press concrete industry. They have secured a world pre-eminence for the filters which they have developed and continue to manufacture to precision engineering standards and the company has benefited from patents taken out many years ago for their fabric-based filtration system that came about as a result of significant development work undertaken at that time.

  1. Shropshire-based building projects company awarded £105k

Formed in 1999, the company specialise in offering both building and interior services to a multitude of industry sectors. The company constantly work to tailor build and deliver buildings and their interiors. They seek to offer their vibrant and highly experienced team to deliver projects successfully with energy and enthusiasm. Constant research and development are carried out to ensure the company have the most advance equipment and techniques in the industry.

  1. Kent-based fire doors company received £6k in first claim

The family run business specialises in the design and manufacture of non-standard certified fire doors, as well as other bespoke joinery items such as glazed fire screens, acoustic doors and high impact resistant doors. The company has attained ISO 9001 standard which certifies that their in-house processes are all monitored and controlled. This gives their customers peace of mind and guarantees that any products made on their premises are delivered to site fully certified and ready to be installed.


  1. Hertfordshire-based protective headwear company awarded £11k in first claim

The company design and manufactures specialist protective headwear and supply to the police and private security companies, including public order helmets for the police and cash-in-transit helmets for security companies. The company are naturally R&D intensive owing to the very specific nature of their products and the ever-changing requirements of police and security services. If they are asked to develop one aspect of the helmet, this also impacts all the layers as they have to co-exist, so this makes for a longer research and development process and more testing.

  1. Yorkshire-based mixed farm received £30k

The 630-acre farm started in 1952 is predominantly sand-based ground growing root crops, cereals, sugar beet potatoes and rape seed. Utility costs have been kept to a minimum as other imported costs such as ammonium nitrate have increased tenfold because of the Ukrainian war. The prime reason for this is that all the crops are sold after harvest and do not need to be stored in silos.

  1. London-based management consultancy awarded £27k taking total claims to £83k

The company launched in 2002 as a business strategy and change management consultancy. The company fundamentally looks to maximise human performance within organisations and offers packages of strategic support to companies throughout the UK, offering a significant level of experience.

  1. Tyne and Wear-based debt collection agency received £28k

The company offers a managed legal service which supports clients through legal action to ensure they recover the money that is rightfully theirs. The fully trained staff can advise and navigate clients through the legal process from starting a claim through to enforcement if needed. The company can look at all aspects of the client’s business from sales processes, and the terms and conditions they trade under to credit control procedures and policies.

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