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£314k Awarded to Nine Companies

Author: Gareth Smyth
  1. Northamptonshire based automation company awarded £5k in first R&D claim

Formed in 2001, the company provides modern automation technology with traditional high standards of support.  The company offers a suite of complementary services in association with partners to provide full engineering solutions. System development, system integration, project management, software engineering, installation and commissioning are all available from the company.

  1. Nottinghamshire based engineering company receives £71k for R&D work

Established in 1956, the company develops, prototypes, and proves production techniques from first-off samples to ramp up of production techniques. The company supplies to customers in various sectors including oil and gas, aerospace engine parts and GSE, group support equipment, vintage motorsport, and high wear or abrasive environments components. Collaborative developments are supported by their membership of and contributions to the Midlands Aerospace Alliance.

  1. Yorkshire based electrical engineering company awarded £9k taking total claims to £25k

Formed in 2016, the company was established to ease the difficulties experienced and time invested by Facilities Managers, business owners and Operations Managers in managing their electrical compliance. Electrical compliance includes analysis of electrical installation condition, emergency lighting inspection and fire alarm inspection, servicing, and maintenance. Once these sorted, the company will produce all necessary documents for their clients to be compliant.

  1. Leicestershire based waste and recycling company awarded £12k taking total claims received over ten years to £605k

Established in 1989, and the company develops pneumatic dust and waste extraction and waste separation systems which capture, convey and separate dry recyclable material. The marketplace has been complicated as more customers insist on performance guarantees for supply contracts. Also, the value derived from processing waste fluctuates. For example, metals such as aluminium and steel have recently dropped in value. Now, the pressure is to develop more efficient separation and recycling so that recovery is still worthwhile. More efficient process equipment for mixed waste material recovery therefore supplies a growing need.

  1. Greater Manchester based precision engineering firm receives £49k

The company established in 2001 and has quickly grown to be a leading British supplier of oxyfuel cutting, high-definition plasma cutting and waterjet cutting equipment.  The company began to develop its own range of profiling equipment, pushing the company into a new direction.  By remaining independent the company was able to evaluate and select what it considered to be the most suitable and reliable components for any job and soon began to bring in parts from around the World. As a result, the company is now established as a leading provider of cost-effective machine tools, using proven technology from leading independent specialists to ensure only the highest levels of performance and reliability without any compromise.

  1. Nottinghamshire based metalwork company awarded £50k taking total claims to £223k over five years

Established in 2004, the company is a service provider to the access industry. It quickly became apparent that its diligence and product knowledge in relation to the supply of access components and systems were being overlooked by its customers’ existing suppliers. The company operates a continual investment programme in machinery that enables it to stay in front of its customers’ needs. By using the most modern manufacturing techniques in conjunction with the very latest in materials technology, the quality of components and service is unsurpassed in the marketplace.

  1. South Yorkshire based laser cutting company receives £49k for fourth R&D claim

Formed in 2010, the company, supply precision laser cut components using the latest advances in cutting technology. It became apparent that its attention to detail and product knowledge in relation to the supply of laser cut bespoke systems was being overlooked by its customers and existing suppliers. This culminated in an increase in demand for laser cut parts and consequently, the laser division was born. The company continually focuses, develops, and invests in modern technology to enable them to competitively react to the ever changing and challenging demands of their customers.

  1. South Yorkshire based HVAC company awarded £24k taking total claims to £111k

Founded in 1982, the company design and manufacture machinery for the HVAC industry, they now offer a truly global service across all time zones. The company has always been at the forefront of ducting machine design and manufacture, and pride themselves on leading the market through innovation. Through strict quality control, the company include the highest-grade materials in their machines, maintaining exacting tolerances to ensure maximum reliability of all machine parts. Machine assembly is performed by skilled technicians, who test each component prior to final assembly.

  1. Derbyshire based engineering company receives £43k

The company works within the utilities sector, offering a no-nonsense approach to valve release and routine maintenance in order to keep their customers connected. Their team consists of highly experienced engineers who have worked within the oil, gas, and water sectors for many years, with ongoing training ensuring that projects run effectively and smoothly, giving their clients the assurance that their infrastructure is in good hands. They strive to offer cost-effective, efficient solutions, with customer satisfaction being their utmost goal.

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